Everything You Need To Know About Installing Folding Arm Awnings

During the summer months, you may pay more on your electricity bill because you need to run your air conditioner constantly to keep your rooms cool. An awning will help control the extent of solar energy reaching the frontage of your home, particularly the windows. Folding arm awnings bring external shade that will block nearly 80% of direct heat on windows. This indicates that awnings are capable of reducing up to 26% of your electricity bill during the hot months of summer. Thus, over and above being a statement of fashion, awnings will help obstruct direct sunlight. This will cut the cooling energy requirements considerably.

folding arm awnings



Everything You Need To Know About Installing Folding Arm Awnings



Why would you install awnings on your window?


Awnings will provide beauty to your deck or patio. At the same time, they will keep your home cool during the hottest summer days. They decrease the quantity of heat that gains access to your house via the windows. This is particularly significant as it helps safeguard your indoor furniture from getting bleached by the rays of the sun.


A lot of people do not know that the bulk of cooling energy in houses is lost through the glass doors or the windows. It is highly advisable to install awnings. They offer a more efficient way of averting heat gain through the glass. This will not only help in keeping your home cool, but it will also help in lowering the greenhouse gas emissions.


folding arm awnings



Types of awnings which can be installed to cool your house


Different types of awnings are available in the market such as portable, fixed and retractable awnings. This implies that you get the opportunity to select the type which will suit your personal requirements. For example, if you just require the awning during the months of summer, it will be best to install a retractable awning, which can easily be folded during winter.


folding arm awning


Folding arm awnings


A folding arm awning is a retractable awning and can expand your open-air lifestyle. It offers shade without stopping you from getting a view. Folding arm awnings will enable you to have power over the weather. The awning will be extended automatically by an optional sun sensor. A folding arm awning can be retracted in windy conditions by an optional wind sensor.


Folding arm awnings can be a perfect roll away shelter for a deck or a patio. They even have a use for commercial purposes like cafés, bistros, and restaurants. By means of a folding arm awning, you will be able to generate an outside room. That room will guard against the sun or spell of rain. The arms of a folding arm awning fold horizontally rather than vertically as it happens in other awnings. For folding arm awnings, posts or vertical supports are not required. That means space can stay clear and unhindered. When you retract the awning, the area becomes free of any kind of structure.

folding arm awnings


Installation of folding arm awnings  


You can install a folding arm awning from the roof rafters if there are inadequate sequences of bricks in the wall to reinforce the awning. Just underneath the gutter, a slot is cut in the fascia to install the fascia brackets. You can push the bracket in across the slot and bolt it to the adjoining rafter. Then you can attach the folding arm awning to the brackets. This effectually binds the folding arm awning to the structure of the roof. Similarly, you can also install other types of awnings by following their manual.


If you find any problem, then you can hire trained professionals to install your awnings for the first time. Once you learn the process, you will operate the awnings in future without any technical help.


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