5 Best Types Of Flowers To Complement Your Home’s Interior

There’s something intricately special about flowers—they’re an instant mood lifter and day brightener. Flowers aren’t only perfect for special occasions, but also as decorations for your home’s interior. If your living room has been looking a little bland lately despite your attempt to change the color of the wall and furniture arrangement, it could be that it needs something new this time. 

Why not add different types of flowers to complement your home’s interior?  There are various unique ornaments you can consider like dried floral arrangements which are very sophisticated looking. Not only will they elevate your décor, but, more so, flowers can also add fresh fragrance that no other artificial accessories can ever do.

Below, take a look at some of the best types of flowers you can use to complement your home’s interior:

Flowers To Compliment Your Home



Peonies are just perfect as table centerpieces. With their bright hues and ruffled petals, a stunning collection of peonies would surely accentuate any kind of home interior. Freshly-cut peonies are also easy to store. In case you have a lot of cut peonies and you don’t plan on using them all at once, you can store them in your fridge.

If you wish to make flower arrangements using peonies, make sure you pick those with buds that are still quite closed, but also soft at the same time. When the petals are all blooming, you’ll appreciate their beauty even better. Peonies are also known for their soft and delicate blossom, which is perfect for when you want your home to smell fresh and powdery floral for days.


When talking about long-lasting cut flowers, carnations will surely pop up on the list. These flowering blooms come in a variety of colors, such as red, pink, and white. The clove-like fragrance of carnations is also another reason why most homeowners love this type of flower for their interior. 

Carnations are also perfect to mix and match with other plain leaves or flowers as they add bounce and volume to any floral arrangement. When put in vases with clean water, carnations can stay fresh and beautiful for up to 21 days.


Gladiolus are very popular summer bulbs that are known for their spiky and tall flower stalks. The colors of gladiolus flowers range from lavender to pink, purple, green, white, yellow, cream, red, and orange. You can easily fill up your vases with fresh-cut gladiolus and put as many color variations as you like.

One thing to remember about gladiolus is that they’re always thirsty for water even when cutting fresh. Make sure the vase is always refilled with water when necessary. When used as floral arrangements, gladiolus should last from seven up to ten days.


English Lavender

Lavender flowers are more commonly used dry, but they also have a distinct appeal as fresh-cut flowers. This is why lavenders are very versatile on their own—you can either place them on a vase or small container without water and let them dry naturally or add a little water to extend the freshness of the flowers. If you prefer the latter, just remember to remove all the leaves that are below water level so they won’t rot.

Lavenders are also ideal if you’re trying to create a rustic appeal to your home interior. The simplicity of their leaves and flowers can instantly emanate in any living space, not to mention their strong fragrance that you can’t easily mistake for something else.

If you plan on cutting them fresh and putting them in a vase, lavenders should last for up to 10 days with water. When the water has all dried up, you can let the flowers dry out naturally, and you’ll be amazed at how much beauty they still have after drying.


Lilies come in different species, but oriental lilies are the most fragrant ones. To extend their bloom time, choose lilies that have slightly opened buds. Their color varieties include purple, orange, lavender, red, pink, and yellow. There are also bicolor lilies that you can choose if you want a burst of colors in one floral arrangement.

Before displaying them in vases, make sure to remove the lilies’ stamens using your hand. Doing so will avoid getting an orange-yellow stain on the flowers due to the dropping pollen from the stamens. Fresh-cut lilies should stay looking beautiful and smelling fragrant from seven up to 14 days.

There’s something intricately special about flowers—they’re an instant mood lifter and day brightener. Flowers aren’t only perfect for special occasions, but also as decorations for your home’s interior.

Blooms For All Rooms

Fresh-cut flowers are ideal for home interiors because they require low maintenance as compared to caring for indoor plants. They’re also less expensive and can be easily decorated using different kinds of vases and containers. Beautiful and colorful flowers can certainly elevate your home’s interior, without having to exert too much effort. From your porch to the living room, small kitchen, bedroom, and even comfort rooms, fresh blooms can definitely add some much-needed pop of colors.

Although they may not last that long, you can consider that as another way to spruce up the colors of your interior every now and then. Once the flowers have withered, you can arrange new ones and continually do so whenever you have the time, or when you feel like it.

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