3 Appealing Flooring Styles for Selling Your Home Quickly

Let’s face it, the way the real estate market is at the moment, you really do have to present a property in its very best light if you are looking for a quick sale. Home staging, including flooring styles, is big business in the US and Europe. Homeowners are prepared to invest in making the property more appealing. In this article, we will focus on the best types of flooring when putting the house on the market.

Flooring Styles


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Flooring styles come and go but luxury vinyl tiles seem to stay and improve each year. Luxury vinyl tile has rapidly gained a reputation for durable premier flooring.

Especially for wet and high traffic areas and with stunning high-resolution digital images that are embedded under the protective coating. You have the very best in timber, stone, and slate. be sure to check out printable vinyl as an alternative to regular vinyl flooring.

The reasonable cost makes this a popular wet room solution. And if you love the look of seasoned hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice. A potential buyer would view this as a permanent flooring solution, adding one more reason to make an offer.

Hardwood Flooring Styles

If you wish to add class to your home, opting for walnut flooring would allow you to give your home a unique finish. And it looks great to the eyes. You can see more here to know about this style of flooring.

Cork Flooring

The second of the flooring styles you should consider is eco-friendly flooring that is sustainably harvested every 9 years. And who does not love the soft and silent walking experience?

When a potential buyer steps into your home, they will immediately notice the cork flooring. They will realize that is one thing they won’t have to change.

Check out the natural cork flooring Melbourne suppliers are offering. You will see why this is such an attractive product to add serious appeal to your home.

cork flooring

Benefits of Cork

The latest generation of cork flooring styles is 99% cork and with no synthetic additives. This is a 100% natural flooring material and everyone loves the natural, organic choice lately.

In the event the viewer is eco-friendly, their eyes will light up when they see the cork floors. Let’s face it, the majority of the population is environmentally aware. So when looking to buy a property, if it already has cork flooring, this could be a deal-clincher.

Engineered Timber

Do you love the look and feel of solid timber? But you do not want to pay the high price of hardwood flooring?

Engineered timber has a composite core and real wood exterior. This looks and feels like solid timber and it is every bit as eco-friendly as other flooring styles.

If you would like to view a range of engineered wood flooring, a Google search is all it takes to locate a local flooring company. Most offer a wide range of flooring solutions such as:

  • Solid Hardwood
  • Engineered Timber
  • Cork
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Natural Stone
When looking to change flooring styles in your home, make sure it fits with the overall theme of the property.

Final Thoughts on Flooring Styles

When looking to change flooring styles in your home, make sure it fits with the overall theme of the property. If you choose cork, you really can not go wrong as this is a very appealing option. Luxury vinyl tile is perfect for bathrooms and the kitchen.

The investment could be added to the asking price and you might find a buyer in no time. Talk to flooring experts and they will advise you accordingly.

For a small investment in new flooring styles, you can transform your home. And you will find a buyer which will enable you to move into your dream home.

Do you have any experience with the three types of flooring styles we discussed above or other alternatives? Please tell me your experiences and opinions in the comments section below. This will help others in making a choice in the flooring styles they may choose when selling their homes.

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