From Motherhood to Moneymaker: 4 Flexible Careers for Moms

Not all super heroes wear capes. Some wear yoga pants and have an impressive knack for finding lost sippy cups – these heroes are moms! And the 9-to-5 grind doesn’t always accommodate for morning school runs and unexpected bouts of illness. Don’t give up yet though! We have four flexible careers for moms available that will allow you to remain super hero-esque while earning money!

Mother and daughter working out together

Real Estate Agent: The Negotiator Extraordinaire

Mothers understand the value of having good neighborhoods, nearby schools and spacious backyards better than anyone! Harness that knowledge to become an excellent real estate agent.

Enjoy flexible hours, working from home options and commission-based income. This field provides the ideal combination for moms who understand just how essential finding their ideal home can be.

Using Real Estate Time Management software will allow you to maximize every moment spent working as an agent. And finally give you an acceptable excuse to browse Zillow! Remember homes don’t show themselves!

Real estate agent

Personal Trainer or Yoga Instructor: The Health Heroine

An effective way to convert mom skills into moneymaking opportunities is becoming a personal trainer or yoga instructor. Who better understands the difficulty of getting back into shape after giving birth or finding peace amidst hectic family life than a personal trainer or yoga instructor?

By setting your own hours – such as during school time or after bedtime – they offer individuals flexibility when scheduling workouts or lessons. Not only can you help others achieve their fitness goals, but by doing it yourself you’ll stay active and fit. It’s a win-win!

Get out that yoga mat and take your passion for fitness to new levels. No one embodies super mom more than someone demonstrating patience during a plank exercise!

Personal trainer

Virtual Assistant: The Remote Wonder Woman

Moms tend to be adept at multitasking with ease and precision. Why not turn that talent into a flexible yet rewarding career as a virtual assistant (VA)?

VA services range from email management, scheduling appointments and social media management through bookkeeping. All from the comfort of home.

Your best perk as a VA? Setting your own hours! So you could earn an income without missing those precious moments with them! Get out your cape (we mean laptop)! Because the virtual world needs your super mom powers!

Virtual assistant

E-Commerce Store Owner: The Homebound Hustler

Have you always enjoyed shopping? Channel that passion into an e-commerce business. From handmade crafts, vintage finds, children’s clothing or any other field imaginable. Your possibilities for selling goods online are nearly limitless.

And best of all – managing an online store at your own time means working during school hours, after bedtime or any other time convenient to you – building a lasting legacy which your children can be proud to remember you for.

So there you are, moms. With these flexible career opportunities available to you, you can keep up with your kids. And you also gain the chance to showcase your talents and earn some income on your own! Remember every super mom deserves an equally impressive job!

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