Can You Fix An Electrical Panel Yourself?

Can you fix an electrical panel if you needed too?

An electrical panel is a core part of any home. But that also means that they are under a lot of strain. This wear and tear can eventually lead to one of them breaking down. This is something that usually demands immediate attention if you want to get your house back in working order.

But what steps can you actually take to make electrical panel replacement possible. And is it something you can do alone?

Open electrical panel

Replacing An Electrical Panel Yourself

There is only one option when it comes to electrical panel replacement: do not do it yourself. Contacting electricians like Electrical Synergies, LLC is one of your best options because they are licensed, experienced, and can resolve issues like this.

While the panels themselves might seem quite straightforward on the outside, and it is technically possible to repair one by yourself, the risks are far too high to make it worthwhile. Energized service lugs and a very precise design mean that most electrical panels are dangerous to touch. Especially if you do not have any professional electrician training.

However, this does not mean that you just have to call a professional and sit back uselessly. In fact, you can still contribute towards the electrical panel replacement, as long as you are very careful about what you do. You do not want to put yourself in harm’s way.


Identify the Model

Most specialists will find electrical panel replacement easier if you can tell them the exact model before they visit. This can often let them skip part of the inspection. It might even allow them to bring a replacement model of the same type. At the very least, it tells them what to expect.

Try and find out which model your home has. If you have any documentation relating to that model, then be sure to provide the electrician with it too.

Identify the Issue

While you should not open up the electrical panel to fiddle with it yourself, you can still try to identify the potential problem. Some faults are very minor and only really impact part of your home. Others may be a complete failure that requires an entirely new unit.

If you notice anything odd, or any obvious symptoms of the electrical panel issue that you did not see beforehand, then let your chosen contractor know. It might help them understand the issue before they inspect it. This can help them get prepared for the electrical panel replacement itself.

Electrical panel installation

Prepare Lighting

Electrical panels need to be replaced when the power is off. That means that electricians will not have much to work with except flashlights. If a room is not well-lit with natural light, then try to prepare some battery-operated lighting that can work instead.

Stay Safe

One of the most important things you can do when calling in a residential home electrician is to stay out of the way. And stay safe. These specialists carry out tasks like electrical panel replacement with a lot of careful training. They are more well-equipped to deal with the problem than most homeowners will be.

Trying to help them, or trying to fix an electrical panel yourself, can be a thoughtful gesture. However, it can also be a very dangerous one. You may even end up harming yourself or damaging the unit even further than it was already damaged.

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