Five Ways to Utilize Small Space Better

Living in a tiny house has its advantages. You will hardly ever feel overwhelmed and can save a significant amount of money on heating and electricity. If you are recently retired or just chose to downsize, you will find that making the most out of the available space is a constant challenge. Below you will find a few tips on how to utilize small space better and create a cozy home.



5 Ways To Utilize Small Space Better



Less Decoration is More


When you have limited space, you don’t want to make the living space appear smaller than it is. Having too many large armchairs and cushions around does just that. Choose one simple couch and maybe a smaller chair for small spaces.


Don’t utilize heavy drapes. Instead, choose a light colored carpet and a simple curtain. You will have to limit patterns, as they can distract the eye, and shrink your space. Get as much floor and wall space clear as possible. This is the first way to utilize small space better.


Utitlize samll space better by using liess furniture.



Using Light Colors


Lighter colors will make your space appear cozier and bigger. Avoid dark flooring or walls. Make sure you are only using bold shades for contrast, and not as the main color.


It is also important that you let light in whenever you can. If you can, enlarge your windows and add bright curtains that will let the sunshine in. Beige, cream, and taupe are great choices. Be careful with shades of red and purple. Darker shades tend to make a small space seem smaller. That’s not the look you are going for when you are wanting to utilize small space better.


Using light colored curtains is a good way to utilize small space better.



Built-In Storage and Furniture


Image by IHA Holiday lettings

To solve your storage issues, you can look for unused space in unusual places. Under the stairs, storage can be built in to become a wardrobe. Instead of a large oak wardrobe, you can get a sliding door built-in furniture for your bedroom that will save space and give you more storage.


If you still don’t have enough storage space, you might start looking in the basement and the loft to see if you can build a storage area.


Using built-ins is a great way to utilize small space.



Hidden Spaces


If your kitchen cabinet or counter doesn’t touch the wall, and you have some space that you are not currently using, try to get an extra cabinet built.


You can look at storage ideas over the doors, or in the hallways. Check out World of Renovation for inspiration. A sliding door narrow built-in cabinet or shelving unit will only take a few inches away from your hallways width, but give you plenty of storage.



Multifunctional Furniture



To make the most out of the space available, you can get furniture that can be used for different things. A pull out breakfast table in the kitchen is a great space saver, as it is not taking up floor space permanently. A sofa that has under seat storage, or a stool that can be used as a flower stand, a seat, and a small side table can save you money and space at the same time.


There are 5 simple ways to utilize small space better.


Whether you just moved into a smaller home, or need more storage, you can find several great ideas from interior designers. From multifunctional furniture to turn your unused space into clever storage, you can enhance your life using the above tips. Pay attention to your color choices, and use clever furnishing solutions to make the most out of your available space.



Do you have any other ways to utilize small space better? Please share your comments in the box below.




  1. You have to get really creative when living in a small space! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop! :)

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