6 Best Dogs For The First-Time Dog Owner

There are many things to consider when you get your first dog. Do you want a large breed, so it’s more like having a friend and not just an indoor pet? What about a small dogs because they often live longer? How about a mix of both, or something in between? There are many different breeds and types of dogs to consider when making this decision. However, certain breeds suit a first-time dog owner and novice handlers.

Dog on a leash

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, medium-haired dog. This breed is known for being particularly friendly, affectionate, and talkative. Yorkshire Terriers typically have around 14 years, the average lifespan for a small dog.

This breed can be suitable for a first-time dog owner because it is easy to care for. They are relatively low-maintenance, require little exercise, and make great indoor companions for people who live in small apartments or houses.

Yorkshire Terriers do not shed very much, so they are not very high-maintenance regarding grooming. Yorkshire Terriers get along well with children and other pets but do not like to be teased or played roughly.

This breed is best for people who want a dog to snuggle with and keep them company instead of having a dog to play with outside. Check out Yorkie Life for more detail on owning a Yorkie


Golder Retriever

The Golder Retriever is a medium-sized dog with a thick furry coat. This breed is highly intelligent and often excels at working and sports. Golder Retrievers have an average lifespan of around 11 years.

This breed is suitable for first-time dog owners because they are very friendly and affectionate. Golden Retrievers have plenty of energy and need to be mentally stimulated to be happy. If they are not given appropriate outlets for their energy, they may become destructive and noisy. Golder Retrievers get along well with children, other dogs, and cats.

Golden Retriever


The Labrador is a medium-sized, short-coated dog. This breed is often considered one of the most friendly and people-oriented types of dogs. Labs have an average lifespan of around 12 years, which is longer than most other breeds.

Labs are suitable for a first-time dog owner because they are relatively easy to care for. They require moderate exercise but do not need to be walked daily. Labs are friendly and affectionate dogs that enjoy being around people and would thrive with plenty of mental stimulation and training activities.



Although Whippets like to run, they mainly make excellent house dogs. The breed is friendly to visitors and good with well-trained children!

They are quiet while hanging out in the living room at home, often sleeping most of the day. Their natural attachment to people makes them happiest when kept as house pets.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a lovable and affectionate dog with the appearance of a young puppy. Cavaliers are adaptable and can do well in a variety of different households. They also tend to get along well with children of varying ages.

This breed is on the smaller side, but not excessively so, and it has a calm disposition. This canine is refined, watchful, and quiet most of the time. Due to the Cavalier’s moderate energy level, the typical minimum daily exercise required to maintain health is usually sufficient.

It needs fundamental instruction and responds positively to it. Even though this dog has a coat that is about medium length, its grooming requirements are relatively simple. To keep hair from becoming tangled and unmanageable, brushing it regularly is necessary.

King Charles Spaniel


The Poodle is a breed of dog known for its extraordinary intelligence and ability to perform exceptionally well in various canine sporting events. The fact that three different sizes are available for the breed is likely one of the reasons why the Poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds.

The Poodle can be customized to fit almost any size of living quarters. Their nearly hypoallergenic coat may lessen the severity of allergic reactions, but maintaining it properly requires knowledge of proper grooming techniques.



Being a first-time dog owner can be very rewarding, but it is essential to ensure that you are ready for all the responsibilities of having a dog and understand your own capabilities as an owner. You should also choose a breed that will work well with your lifestyle. If you get a dog compatible with your lifestyle, you will likely succeed at this new adventure.

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