4 Fire Pit Seating Ideas For A Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

A fire pit is usually a part of an outdoor space’s design and one of the most popular features in most yards. It provides warmth and comfort and creates an inviting atmosphere in every outdoor space. So choosing the right fire pit seating is important.

According to the research department of the National Association of Realtors, adding a fire feature to your property can increase its resale value. It also attracts attention from potential buyers if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

This unique element will not only boost your home’s value but also turn it into a focal point. In other words, a fire pit is a perfect piece for your outdoor oasis. So why not make the most of it by adding seating around it for more in-depth relaxation? Here are four fire pit seating ideas for you to try out.

Fire pit table

1. Teak lounge chair

A comfortable yet stylish wooden teak lounge chair will turn your fire pit into an instant sanctuary. It brings aesthetic to space, blends in seamlessly with the surroundings, and offers you a sense of luxury.

You can opt for an outdoor teak sectional style set to have more fire pit seating options. Add a low coffee table in the middle, and it’s going to be an ideal spot for socializing. This feature is very comfortable, which means you can spend hours here enjoying your favorite book or simply contemplating life.

Furthermore, teak furniture is highly durable and can withstand the harshest climate conditions. Its water and termite resistance with minimal maintenance are some of the main benefits that set it apart from other traditional materials. (2)

teak fire pit seating

2. Coordinated brick bench

A brick bench with an integrated backrest is a fantastic design if you want some rustic appeal to your fire pit seating area. It effortlessly complements any fire pit style with its natural look and can turn your garden space into a haven retreat. Whether it’s a square, a circle, or a free-form shape fire pit, it’s going to fit in perfectly.

Brick is one of the most popular material options for durability and functionality. The brick benches don’t need much treatment to maintain their natural beauty. Pressure washing will do the trick. On top of that, this type of material is classified as non-combustible, meaning the risk of fire is minimized.

If the brick bench is intended to bear significant weight or support the weight of multiple people, it is more reliable when made of a  structural brick for added strength and durability. However, in other cases, brick benches may be made using thin bricks, which are typically around ½ inch thick and can be used for various decorative purposes.

In terms of design, you can either opt for a classic straight-back brick bench or go with rounder and more playful curved brick seating. It all depends on the style you’ve selected. Plus, the textural contrast between its natural material and the seating area will make it stand out.

fire pit with brick bench

3. Outdoor wicker seat

This fire pit seating idea is ideal for any contemporary fire pit design. You can select various styles of outdoor wicker furniture to personalize your fire pit area.

Whether it’s a modern wicker armchair or a wicker pouf ottoman, it’s going to add a touch of sophistication. Just add some soft cushion to it to make it extra comfortable. This design allows you to create a more intimate ambiance together with your dream fire pit.

You can also play with the seating height to suit your needs. The lower the seating, the closer you’ll be to the fire, which can offer an interesting perspective.

Or you can go with a higher backrest for a more casual and laid-back feel. As for color schemes, a lighter color may boost the vibrant glow of flames. You can also mix some color to your seating arrangement for a more festive look.

Moreover, all outdoor wicker furniture refers to a synthetic resin weave that’s remarkably sturdy and designed to hold up against elements.

This material is also resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture. This is why this material is a perfect choice for your fire pit. So if you love wicker chairs but don’t want to deal with natural fiber material, synthetic is the way to go.

wicker furniture with a fire pit

4. Concrete stools

This fire pit seating arrangement will provide a dash of industrial appeal to your fire pit area. The concrete stools bring a rugged style ideal for various design aesthetics. They come with a rectangular seat, and their legs are formed as one solid piece of poured concrete.

Generally, concrete material is friendly to many outdoor elements. Concrete stools can withstand harsh conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight without problems. And if you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you can even make your own concrete stools at home. All it takes is the right tools, some elbow grease, and a guide to walk you through the process.


A fire pit is a beautiful addition to any outdoor property. And its seating arrangement is a vital part of this design to complete the overall look. Whether you’re looking for a modern, rustic, or casual vibe, there are plenty of great ideas that will fit any aesthetic.

Let your fire pit feature be the focal point of your outdoor space. Make the ideas above your inspiration, and it’ll bring people together to enjoy an evening in front of a crackling fire!

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