How to Design and Decorate Your Finished Basement

A finished basement can be used for a number of different things; whether you are using it for storage, entertaining, as an extra bedroom, or as a playroom for your kids, it has a number of potential uses and benefits. If you recently finished your basement, or simply want a new design, deciding exactly what to incorporate can be a bit overwhelming, especially because there are a lot of things to consider.

As you begin your basement redesign, it’s best to do proper research in order to find the design that is right for your wants and needs. Looking online is a great way to start making your dream basement come to life. Below are some design ideas that you can use to start your basement redesign journey.

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How to Design and Decorate Your Finished Basement

In addition to the other online research you will conduct prior to designing your newly finished basement, here are some design ideas to help you get thinking:

Use the Right Lighting

Basements are some of the darkest areas of the house due to their location; and depending on what you are using your basement for, it’s important to illuminate it appropriately. If you just finished your basement, it’s likely that you did that so you or friends and family can spend time down there, so lighting is going to be key in your basement design.

One option is to decorate certain areas with the addition of some Custom Neon Signs. This could be with neon lights over the bar to just a simple welcome sign, the possibilities are endless.

Homeowners are gravitating towards lights that have dimming options for their basements. Dimming options are a great choice for basements because they provide different degrees of lighting that can be manipulated depending on the occasion. For example, if you are having friends over for a game night, you probably want bright lights. Or, if you are planning on having a family movie night, you probably want less light. Dimming gives you both of these options.

Another great lighting option for your basement is LED light bulbs. LED bulbs use only a fraction of the energy that other bulbs do while still giving off a bright, white glowing light that is great for otherwise dark areas, like the basement.

correct basement lighting

Practice an Open Floor Concept

This basement layout is increasing in popularity as more and more people are using their basements as places to entertain. Open floor concepts manipulate a space to use it to its maximum efficiency in a tasteful way. In a basement, open floor concepts typically employ minimal furniture up against any walls and use pieces that will not divide a room up.

Open floor concepts are also great for finished basements that may feature a furnace, air conditioner, or water heater because they allow for design techniques that will hide them in an attractive way. A specialist from an air conditioning repair service in Sicklerville pointed out,  “Open floor concepts allow for homeowners to make the focal points of a room far away from HVAC systems which are not only good for the aesthetic of space but can also act as a safety feature, keeping furniture away from systems that may get extremely hot.”

Open concept finished basement

Install a Home Bar

Home bars are increasing in popularity in finished basements, especially for homeowners that entertain often. Home bars are a great addition to your basement redesign and can be as large or small as you want. Home bars come in thousands of different styles and designs, giving you plenty of options for your finished basement.

If you have guests over frequently, installing a home bar that features multiple barstools and a sink is a great idea and will be worth your while. Or, if you want a home bar for personal use and the aesthetic purpose, going with a small bar cart and bar table are great things to incorporate in your finished basement design.

Home bar

Make it Personal

This is the most important basement design tip: make it personal. Your finished basement should be a place that you look forward to going to at the end of a long day or on the weekend; it should be a place for relaxation and ease. In order to make your basement relaxing and a place you look forward to going to, it should be as personal as possible.

Think about some of your passions. What do you like the most in life? Are you a football fan? Do you enjoy music and movies? Are you a world traveler? Your passions should be apparent in your basement. If you are a football fan, consider hanging football jerseys around the basement of your favorite plays. If you enjoy music and movies, try getting decor that reflects some of your favorites. Or, if you are the world traveler, consider displaying souvenirs in your basement or even creating a theme in your basement that reflects a favorite place that you have visited.

This can also be applied to basements that are used as children’s playrooms or finished basements that are extra bedrooms. Employ decor that means something to you, add things that you like, don’t make it a mundane place to be.

Final Thoughts on Designing and Decorating Your Finished Basement…

These basement ideas are good starting points for you as you consider what you want in your basement. After you have found a theme or specific decor element you want to incorporate, spend time looking up how to add it to your space in an aesthetically pleasing way. Designing your finished basement should give you the opportunity to design a basement that you have always imagined.

Before remodeling and decorating the basement in your home, consider these ideas and tips.


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