Finding The Perfect Location For Your Homestead

When it comes to setting up a homestead, finding the perfect location matters. Whilst some people have attempted homesteading from city apartments, it’s not a realistic option for everyone. Ideally, you want somewhere rural with enough land to be able to grow produce on. There are just several steps to finding the perfect location for your homestead.


By following these simple steps, you should be able to find the perfect location. There are many other options for finding a perfect location but these few suggestions should give you a good solid start.

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Finding The Perfect Location For Your Homestead



Decide how self-sufficient you want to go


True homesteading can mean taking your home completely off-grid, growing all your own produce and crafting things out of raw materials. That said, not everyone wants to go all the way. If you want to grow your own produce, you’ll ideally want a lot of land for farming on. If you’re simply interested in taking your energy supply off-grid, you may not need this land and might not have to look for somewhere as remote. Also, consider whether you want to earn extra income with a guesthouse or by renting a barn out for events.

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Consider your energy sources


It’s also important to consider your energy sources. If you’re hoping to run your electricity supply using solar panels, you may want somewhere that gets enough direct sun and isn’t sheltered by trees or other buildings. Alternatively, you may be able to use wind power, which may require living somewhere with high winds. Coastal properties such as these 30A homes for sale could be perfect for getting this energy source. When it comes to your water supply, make sure that you’re low enough to the water table to drill a well or somewhere that gets enough rain to recycle this rainwater. A home high in the hills that receives little rainfall may not be suitable for a perfect location for your homestead.

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Get the land surveyed


A property needs to not just have enough land but the right type of land for meeting your homesteading goals. Ideally, you want a property that’s suitable for growing crops and vegetables. You may even want to drill a well. Hiring a land surveyor can help you to determine whether a property’s land is suitable for these purposes. There could be pipes under the ground, the wrong kind of soil or natural restrictions. Companies like Boynton and Pickett specialize in this type of homestead land surveying.


You might also want to look into planning permission when it comes to big projects like drilling a well or building a barn or a guesthouse. Development on certain areas may not be allowed by your local council if it affects other neighbors or involves using land that is protected for natural or historic reasons.

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Stay connected to civilization


Homesteading doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from civilization. You may still want a local town or city to shop for supplies. You may want bars and restaurants for socializing. Facilities nearby such as schools and hospitals may also be an important issue for you. Make sure that when looking for the perfect location, these amenities are still within suitable driving distance.

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Finding the perfect location for your homestead is easy when you know what your needs are, and how much land you need. Take your time and follow these suggestions. You will soon be on your way to owning your perfect homestead on the perfect location.


Do you have other suggestions for finding the perfect location? Please add them to the comments below.

By following these simple suggestions you can find the perfect location for your homestead.




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