Tips for Finding Affordable Apartments in Austin

The Austin area is a great place to call home. With many great amenities, it is a great option for many individuals and families alike. And with the Tesla Gigafactory moving into the area, it could be more cost effective than ever to move to this area and call it your home. 

If you are searching for a new apartment to call home in the Austin area, here are a few simple tips that can help make it more affordable.

How Much Can I Afford?

Before you ever take a look at any apartment in Austin, take the time to look at your own budget. You do not want to overspend on your apartment. Even if an apartment is considered a good deal and affordable, it may not be the right apartment for you based on your current budget. 

Sit down and create a budget if you have not already done this. See how much income is coming in. Usually you want to get your rent at 1/3 or less of your gross pay so that you have money left for utilities, food, and other bills and entertainment that you would like to enjoy in the Austin area. If you go higher than this, it could really stretch the finances. 

Take a look at what the number would be each month and try to stay at that amount or lower. If you are trying to pay down debt or save for retirement, you may find that 1/3 of your income is higher than you would like to pay in the first place and you will need to pick a lower number that you are more comfortable with. 

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Work with an Agent

One thing that many tenants do not realize along the way is that they can work with a real estate agent to help them find an affordable apartment in Austin. They assume that they must purchase or sell a home to work with an agent. But if you want the best deals when shopping for an apartment, find an agent who will work for you the whole time. 

Many agents will even have exclusive listings that you can only gain access to through them. Their listings are often managed well and will have higher selection processes to ensure the right tenant gets in. You can find an agent who specializes in these types of rentals and have them help you find the perfect affordable apartment for your needs. 

Should I Get a Roommate?

While there are many affordable apartments out there that you can choose, you can cut down your costs even more by finding a good roommate to live with. This can help you get a larger apartment in a nicer area, without breaking the bank at the same time. 

Many tenants choose to find a roommate to help lower the costs. Whether you live with one or more roommates, this can cut down the costs for you and frees up money for you to meet other financial obligations or to enjoy some of the fun sights and sounds in Austin. 


How Much Time Do I Have?

Try to not rush yourself when looking for a new apartment in the Austin area. If you are short on time because your lease is up or you need to move to the area for a new job, this can be hard. But when you rush the decision to get a new apartment, it can really make it hard to find something that is affordable for your budget. 

Ideally, you will start looking for an apartment at least a few months before you need it. This gives you time to figure out the amenities that you like the most and allows you to check out more than one neighborhood to see where you would like to call your new home. 

The longer you give yourself to find a new place to call home, the more likely it is that the perfect apartment will show up for you. You have time to shop around to find the perfect apartment for your needs/ 

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What Amenities in the Apartment are Important?

It is also important to determine which amenities you would like to have in the apartment before you decide to move in. Each tenant will be different for this so there is not a one size fits all approach here. The more amenities you want in the apartment though, the more it will cost. 

For someone who works a lot or has to travel for work, the amenities may not be as important as they are for someone else. They may be fine with a studio or one bedroom apartment with a nice balcony and close to the airport. This can make it easier to find an affordable apartment that fits their needs. 

For families, the amenities may need to be a little different. They may worry more about having two or three bedrooms (sometimes more), being in a safe neighborhood, having room to cook meals, and even being near good schools and parks. This can cost a little more, but can keep them and their children safe. 

Before you go shopping for a new apartment, take the time to list all of the amenities you would like to have in the apartment. Consider which ones must be present in the apartment and which ones would be nice, but you could live without. Consider what should be in the apartment, like the number of rooms, and what can be near the apartment, like parks or a downtown scene. 

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Finding the Affordable Apartment You Need in Austin

There are so many reasons why moving to Austin can make a lot of sense. But before you make the switch to live here, or before you move to a new apartment, it is important to shop around and find a place that is affordable to call your home. Take a look at some of the tips above to find affordable apartments in Austin.

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