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The American dream of owning a large mansion with a supersized garden has disappeared. However, the dream of being a homeowner remains strongly. Most American families have admitted that if they were to move, they would downsize their homes. While seniors are more likely to want to live in aContinue Reading

saving money

No matter how big your farm is, being able to save money is an important part of running it smoothly. You might have a small homestead, or you could have a sprawling farm, but finding ways to save is a vital part of surviving. Running a farm doesn’t make youContinue Reading

4 homestead hacks

After reading ‘Effective Means of Making Money with your Property,’ the potential of a home should be easy to see. For more info, follow this link to see the article in full. It’s essential to start seeing a property for what it is: a money-maker. But, it’s also imperative thatContinue Reading

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When it comes to making a personal investment in yourself, sometimes only the best will do. This could be precipitated by your business finally paying off in its yearly profit margin. The fact that you’ve finally qualified for your yearly bonus may be a reason. An inheritance you want toContinue Reading