Filling Empty Spaces in Your Garden

No matter how much work we put into our gardens there is always some empty space and gaps.  Plants die off, some plants stay small, and spaces exist everywhere. To see some practical, pretty and innovative ways of filling empty spaces in your garden, make sure to read on.


Filling Empty Spaces in Your Garden





Decks are a great way of filling empty space in your garden. Especially if that space comes at the front of it.


They are a great way to fill an empty space because of the practicality they bring to any space that they fill. Basically, they can turn a derelict space into an outdoor living area. Or an area that can be used to entertain guests on. So, if you want to make the most out of your garden in a living and entertaining sense, then make sure to find out more about getting some decking.


filling empty spaces-decks



Harvest areas


Or, you could turn the empty space in your garden into another kind of living area. Yes, you could turn your space into a living area for plants, specifically those that can be harvested. Vegetables and Herbs are excellent examples.


By dedicating a specific area to harvesting in your garden you will do a number of things. You will provide yourself with something to do in your garden (during the seasons of growth, that is). And you will have to provide your harvest with everything it needs to grow and survive. Plus, you may even start growing things that begin to assist you inside of your home. These include such things as vegetables and herbs. You could even grow and harvest mint leaves in this harvesting area. That would mean you would always be mojito ready!


filling empty spaces-vegetable garden





Gardens can be enhanced by gravel, you know. When placed in your garden it will fill any space that you want it to fill. It will stay there. Yes, gravel is extremely durable and flexible, meaning when you bring it into your garden it will stay there. So, if you’re looking for something to fill an empty space in your garden for good, then make sure you have no qualms about turning to gravel.


filling empty spaces-rocks and gravel



A Shed


Sheds might not be particularly exciting, but they are very handy and practical. When you are filling empty space in your garden with a shed you instantly provide yourself with a space to store all of your outdoor belongings. This only helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the rest of your garden. It means things won’t be being stored in the wrong places. And they won’t be being made to look overcrowded.


There is always reasons to be filling empty spaces in your garden and here are some fresh ideas to do so.



There are always going to be ways to fill in your garden’s blanks, you just have to realize that they’re not going to fill themselves (with anything you want or need, anyway) and that the job of filling empty space then falls to you.


Do you know of other ways of filling empty spaces in the garden? Please share them in the comments below.


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