Feng Shui Or Vastu Shastra For Your Home?

Your home decor is often perceived as an extension of your identity. However, the Chinese New Year has brought back to mind an interior philosophy that has made its way into Western homes: Feng Shui. There is also an Indian equivalent that you might have heard about, which is called Vastu Shastra.


Both philosophies are designed to harmonize your interior design with your life purpose and circumstance in order to make sure that you can use positive energy where needed and get rid of the negative force that pulls you back. These new approaches to styling a room might be a little challenging for the Western mindset at first. But they teach valuable lessons that you can easily repurpose to add a new sense of coziness and mindfulness to your home. Before you embrace one school of thoughts or the others, it’s essential to understand their common points and their differences.


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Feng Shui Or Vastu Shastra For Your Home?



Colors are important


Both philosophies have dedicated harmonizing lessons to the choice of colors for your home. While it seems at first like a step back from interior designers and decor trends that claim that painting a room is all it takes to change its atmosphere, Feng Shui, and Vastu Shastra can help you to pick the colors that are right for you.


Indeed, the Feng Shui decor emphasizes the importance of natural colors, especially skin colors from white to dark brown. While Vastu Shastra uses a lot of colors too, it firmly advises against using white or yellow and suggests light pink, dark blue, chocolate, green or gray colors instead to stimulate your energy. Ultimately, a Feng Shui design will have a minimal feel to it, while Vastu Shastra offers more room for creativity.



Both philosophies emphasize the functional aspects


Both schools of thought agree that your interior decor needs to identify the core purpose of each room. This purpose will then be maximized through the choice of furniture and design. For instance, if you want to redecorate your bedroom according to the Feng Shui or the Vastu Shastra philosophy, you’ll need to pick a quality bed – you can find detailed reviews on Betterbed if you don’t know where to start. In the kitchen, the key element will be a quality cooker and oven. The living room needs to be designed with a comfortable and welcoming sofa. This helps you to define the best direction for your investment.


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The harmony of the elements


There’s something that you may not be used to when it comes to creating a harmonious interior decor, and it’s the equilibrium of the elements. In Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – need to interact with your design. The Feng Shui philosophy prefers to use colors to identify each element. In comparison, the Indian school of thought chooses to make each element a part of the design. The balanced state of elements has a different representation in each decor.


Feng Shui is a design element that can transform your home.



Ultimately, you can use these interior rules as inspiration to find out your perfect home. In the end, these philosophies have proven one thing: There is more than one way to create a harmonious interior.


Do you use or practice the methods of Feng Shui or Vastu Shasta in your home? Please leave a comment in the comment box below.


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