4 Types of Fencing You Should Try

A house’s frame is only complete when there’s a fence around it. It will add a complete effect that will highlight the house’s framework. It also creates a line of control – both for people in the house and people on the other side it. Besides the importance and significance, there are different types of fencing you should try.

There are times when you are lucky to own a little front yard or back yard on your property. In a situation like this, fencing can become protection from animals, thieves, trespassers, privacy, etc. It will also end up adding a picturesque look to the landscape.

fenced in yard

Brick Wall Fence

For a long time, this kind of fence has been utilized to create privacy and ensure security in homes, while giving the house an accent. Its popularity is so encompassing that you can see brick fences around houses, institutions, offices and other buildings.

Apart from their incredible durability and solidity, brick wall fences will bring class and style to the property in question. Not many other types can provide this.

It is also quite effective in obstructing noise from the outside. In case you live close to a busy road or location, it could do a decent job of reducing the noise that filters into your home.

brick wall fence

Aluminum Fence

This is generally used in a commercial sense due to its functionality long term. Aluminum doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it is also simple to clean.

Even though it is easy to install and low maintenance, the primary cost that comes with getting aluminum fencing is more than a lot of other materials. This will not be practical if you plan on using it on a very large property, say an estate. The history of estate fencing has involved cast iron, but steel has now become the go-to material for this purpose.

One particular drawback of using an aluminum fence is that it doesn’t provide that much security and strength as some of the others. This is because of the lightweight nature of the material.

Aluminum fencing

Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is an ideal addition to any kind of house. This type will provide privacy, security, and reduced disturbance from noises outside the property. It is also incredibly attractive to look at, so there’s that too.

When choosing wood, you will have to think about the weather in the area the fence is meant to be erected. This is very important, as choosing the wrong wood will likely lead to it decaying in no time.

Wooden fencing of good quality will require little repair and will also not likely need to be replaced. These materials can last for up thirty years, but this will depend on the kind of wood, quality of installation, and maintenance culture. Pine, redwood, and cedar are very popular wood options for fencing.

Wooden privacy fencing

Iron Fence

This type of fencing is majorly used for creating a personalized and unique option. This material is quite heavy and, since it is also malleable, it leaves room for a lot of customization. It will require significant maintenance if it is used to create a fence. 

Its installation process is easy, but it is labor-intensive and will require more time to complete than most of the other materials. They are very strong and durable and will often need to be custom manufactured. They are also more expensive than most of the alternatives.

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