Farming Technologies To Make Homesteading Easier

Farming is an almost given when it comes to homesteading. The two go together like a horse and carriage, like Abbott and Costello, like peanut butter and jam, like… you get the point. The point is that you’re most probably going to be involved in farming to some extent during your time as a homesteader. Let’s be honest, homesteading is hard enough as it is. Nobody wants a whole different set of possible disasters heading their way from the farming angle of things. Of course, rather than just ignoring it altogether and finding another way of doing things, you should find a way of just making things easier for yourself when it comes to the farming aspect. How do you do that? Well, if you’re at a bit of a loss, then some research might be in order. Since you are already here, let’s start with this brief article. Without any further ado, let’s look at some farming technologies which could help you not only be the best farmer you can be with much more ease but more efficient and effective too.

farming technologies


Farming Technologies To Make Homesteading Easier



The time of finally cashing in on all your crops is finally upon you. Whether you intend to sell them off, use them to feed cattle or even yourself and your family, the problem remains the same. The few final things that need to be taken care of in this whole process, aka actually gathering the crops, packing them away, storing or selling them off, are usually some of the more time-consuming ones.

farming technologies

Sure, you don’t have to wait for them to grow again. But the process can prove to be quite the chore without the proper equipment, like a harvester machine. Of course, such a hefty piece of machinery does not come cheap. But with possibilities of buying a second-hand one that still does the job perfectly well, the price suddenly becomes a lot more plausible. Other large machines may include a combine, a hay baler, seeders, and tillers.

farming technologies


Food Preservation


Harvesting happens outside of your homestead. It continues inside your homestead as well. There are vegetables and fruits that need canned, sauces to be made and meat to be processed. Some of the farming technologies associated with inside the home may include water bath canners and pressure canners for preserving those fruits and veggies. Some homesteaders purchase dehydrators for their food preservation. Other may include a good vacuum seal system to freeze their food.

Other simple ways farming technologies can assist the homesteader in the home is with the use of simple apple peelers, grain mills, food processors and meat grinders and slicers. What you should purchase will depend on the needs of your homestead.


Large-Scale Livestock


If farming crops are not really your thing and you prefer herding cattle instead, then there are quite a few things which could make your life easier just as well. Of course, some equipment, such as an automatic cow milking machine, is only useful for a specific kind of animal. And only if you actually plan on milking them. It’s hard to find something which is rather universal and a general catch-all improvement. There still are a few things which fit the bill. One of them would be the ever-so-useful electronic ear tags which you can tag your animals with.

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Other than just being something which you can use to ID your animals, it also provides you with some rather useful information. The tags are equipped with radio frequency identification chips. They can tell you exactly when and how much your cattle is eating. This not only lets you keep tabs on your animals with much more ease, but allows for easier recognition of changes in their eating patterns. Using this kind of data can be used to not only keep track of your cattle’s growth but also to preemptively detect any possible conditions ahead of time by seeing the symptoms early.



Small-Scale Livestock


Farming technologies come in handy for the smaller livestock on your farm too. Things like milking machines, portable loading ramps, automatic feeders and waterers all constitute the products available to make raising and caring for livestock easier on your farm or homestead.


Farming technologies that are available today make it easier and simpler for both farm and homestead. Research and list the available technologies you may need on your property. Budget and save for the equipment and machinery you need. In the long run, these farming technologies could save you not only time but also money.


Farming technologies can make homesteading and farming less stressful. They can also save you a lot of time and money too.



What farming technologies do you utilize on your farm or homestead? Tell me about them in the comment box below.


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