Back to Basics The Importance of Homestead and Farmhouse

With so many design options and styles out there, lots of people decide to go with modern looks and spice up the visual appearance of their homes. Others, however, opt for something completely different and choose a more vintage look. There are lots of benefits to going back to this design. It’s all about doing something for yourself, your family, and your planet. So, if you too want to go back to basics and rediscover the benefits of homestead and farmhouse, here are some of the reasons why these things are still so important in this day and age.

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Back to Basics: The Importance of Homestead and Farmhouse 



Saving the planet

We all know that our planet is in a pretty bad condition. However, not all of us do enough to prevent ecological disasters from happening. One of the ways to be proactive and act locally is by going back to your own land. And then,  making the most of it. Repurposing your old farmhouse and barn, as well as sticking to old ways of doing things means you won’t be using modern technology, materials, and resources. And that’s always good. 

Even though most people don’t feel like it, farmhouses can be more sustainable than they can realize, turning into a place that’s eco-friendly and visually appealing at the same time. Of course, you don’t have to go all in and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovating your old farmhouse. However, an idea or two like these could really go a long way. It can introduce a positive difference to your immediate area.


Educating the kids

Our forefathers grew up in places like this. They would spend their entire lives in the farmhouses, homesteads, and barns everywhere around us. This is something most of us are unaware of. The same goes for our children, unfortunately. But, if we started paying more attention to these spaces, we could really do something good. And not just for our area but for the education of our kids too.

Showing your kids where and how people used to live in the past is a great way to spark their interests. It encourages them to learn something new. They’ll first want to know more and more about their ancestors. But later, they may want to live like that too. This means these designs and looks are going to stay popular in the decades to come. Therefore, our planet will be safer than we hoped it would be. 

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Using natural materials

No matter where they are, what they’re trying to do in their farmhouse and what sort of changes they’re introducing in it, people all around the world, from Australia to Canada, are probably thinking about using as many natural materials and resources as possible. You could even opt for recycling and reclaiming the timber, steel, glass, and stone you already have laying around your homestead. Putting them to good use is always a cool idea.

From dressing your exterior in shiplap – using salvaged wood, just to be clear – to adding those amazing and versatile shutters that could turn out to be rather helpful if you’re living in a hot climate. This is something the aforementioned Australians know quite well. You may want to look into those outstanding plantation shutters from Sydney that not only look amazing but are also all about saving the environment and fully recyclable.


Getting trendy

Lots and lots of interior designers are opting for a modern farmhouse look in their designs, from your local professionals to HGTV’s Joanna Gaines who is quite a big fan of farmhouse styles. The reason for this is quite simple. This style combines elegance, visual appeal, and amazing color schemes, on the one hand, with practicality, versatility, and adaptability, on the other, making it suitable for literally anyone.

So, if you too want to be trendy and cool, this is the design you should go for. Sure, you need to find your own angle and make your home unique. But don’t be afraid to steal or borrow some of the ideas you see online or on TV.

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The importance of your homestead and farmhouse can’t be stressed enough. This isn’t just a design style. It’s a way of life for some people. So do your best to make it work for you too! 

If you too want to go back to basics and rediscover the benefits of homestead and farmhouse, here are some of the reasons why these things are still so important in this day and age.


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