Authentic Touches To Your Farmhouse Renovation

A considerable part of the appeal for many people that follow the homestead life is living in a farmhouse on their property. In fact, if the farmhouse is an older building that fits in the shabby chic style that even better! The good news here is that even if your property doesn’t look like that, to begin with, there are some strategies you can use to transform it. Just read the post below to find out how to add authentic touches to your farmhouse renovation.

old farmhouse
Authentic Touches For Your Farmhouse Renovation


First of all, to get a genuine traditional farmhouse look for your farmhouse renovation, you will want to use siding on the outer walls. For the uninitiated, siding is wooden planking that covers the home. It makes it more detective and also allows rainwater to run off while protecting the integrity of the walls.

In fact, here in the US, siding is the most traditional way of finishing the outside of many types of building, including rural and farm properties as you can see at

The best thing about siding is that if you don’t feel up to completing this job yourself, you can look for Professional Siding Replacements and get the experts to do the hard work for you. Something that means you don’t have to expend too much effort to get the authentic look that you desire!

wooden siding

Windows and doors

Now, it’s not much good having your farmhouse covered in traditional style siding if your doors and windows are all wrong. In fact, the doors and windows in your property will have a significant effect on the vibe it gives off.

With that in mind, it is crucial to find a modern window manufacturer like that can offer completely custom-made designs that will enhance the look of your farmhouse renovation.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay close attention when you are choosing the door for your property. The reason is that while you will want them to be secure and sturdy. It’s also vital that they fit in the overall aesthetic as well.

shuttered windows on an old farmhouse

A veranda

Many homesteaders dream of sitting out on their veranda after a long day working on their farm. And, of course, adding a porch to your farmhouse renovation plans will only increase its aesthetic appeal and value too.

With that in mind, do make sure that the veranda you choose exhibits a more traditional style. It enhances the overall design of the building. Of course, this means building it from wood and using decorative struts and railings where possible to add to the overall look.

veranda on an old farmhouse

The right color scheme

You may think that you have more important things to deal with as a homesteader than the colors you use on your home. However, it would be a shame to put in so much effort into getting an authentic look for your farmhouse renovation and stumble at the last hurdle.

To that end, be sure to select heritage shades for your outside walls, window frames, and doors like the ones suggested at Off white or cream usually works well for the main body of the building. Some homesteaders enjoy the traditional deep red of rural barns as well.

Just be sure not to pick anything too bright. This could detract from the authenticity of your farmhouse, that you have worked so hard to reproduce.

modern farmhouse

As you can see, in order to add authentic touches to your farmhouse renovation, it is important to choose your style and the elements you will use carefully.

Adding some authentic touches to your farmhouse renovation will make for a more successful project. Check out the suggestions in this post to learn more.


  1. Hello Annie,

    I wanted to say hello and welcome to the co-hosting You’re The Star (YTS) blog hop! I am a host on the 3rd week for the home feature.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Author

      Hello Kippi! Glad to be a part of the hop with you!

  2. Our house is actually two old houses that were once sitting in a cotton field. They were moved out here in the early 60’s, joined together to make one large home. That owner also added a Master bed & bath, an enclosed porch and a cellar. We call it out’ shack in the pasture’, but eventually I want to transform the outside to better fit the farm style. This article will help me accomplish that! Thanks, Annie!

    1. Author

      That sounds so exciting! I love when people get creative with their living conditions! I always wanted to have an old farmhouse! Maybe one day!

  3. As we are building, I will keep these principles in mind. We are making a gambrel roof home, with board and batten siding. I’m leaning toward toward deep barn red color, but we may stain it.

    The style does add to the ambience of your homestead, inside and out.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Author

      I love the idea of a deep red barn color! Such a “farm” feeling in that color!

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