Ensuring Your Farm Dog is Healthy, Clean, and House Friendly

It is estimated that around 78 million dogs are owned by Americans. And those who live in a countryside area are well aware of how much dogs love the outdoor life. Pets who spend a lot of time outdoors are at a higher risk of being infested by pests. They can also get dirty while running through puddles, rolling in meadows, and frolicking in the great outdoors. The good news is that it is easy to keep your farm dog fragrant and clean and to ensure he doesn’t bring any fleas and ticks into the home.

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Ensuring Your Farm Dog is Healthy, Clean, and House Friendly



Knowing What You’re Up Against


Some of the biggest bugbears for a farm dog include fleas, ticks, heartworms, gastrointestinal worms, and giardia. Ticks are relatively easy to treat, but the same can’t be said for fleas. If fleas infest your dog. They can also lay various cocoons on your furniture and along your home and can be difficult to completely eliminate. Heartworm, meanwhile, passed from a mosquito to dogs, settle in the blood vessels between the heart and lung, causing severe disease.

Dogs ingesting contaminated soil can develop gastrointestinal worms, while those slurping on rainwater can pick up giardia: a condition causing painful vomiting and diarrhea. Keep pests at bay by using a flea and tick treatment or a flea collar. Deworm your dog regularly and ensure the tablets you give him also protect him against heartworm and leishmaniasis – a condition caused by the bite of a sandfly that can result in renal disease.


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A Refreshing Bath for Fido


Dogs should generally be bathed once a month. But a farm dog may need more frequent washing, especially if they are exposed to dust and soil. Keep your dog soft and sweet smelling by picking a top rated dog shampoo that removes dirt effectively but does not harm your dog’s skin. If he is prone to fungal infections, your vet may recommend a special anti-fungal shampoo. This might also be the case for dogs with allergies.

If he has sensitive skin, a shampoo containing a calming ingredient like lavender may help. If you are worried he may have washed off his flea and tick solution by bathing frequently in a pool or outdoor lake, a flea and tick shampoo may be ideal.


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Steam Cleaning for Human Health


Dog fleas can bite humans, which can be painful. Dogs who hop on bedding and sofas can quickly infest these surfaces. Therefore, frequent changing of sheets and pillowcases is important. Rather than using harsh cleaning products that can harm human and pet health, invest in a good steam cleaner. This will naturally kill pests simply with the help of water vapor.


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Keeping Nails Short and Clean


Keeping your dog’s nails short and clean is important. This is because dirt and bacteria lodged between his nails can make their way to sofas and other surfaces. Don’t let your dog’s nails grow too long or the cuticle will grow along with it. This will make it harder to cut your dog’s nails short. For a farm dog who fear clippers, use a Dremel nail file, which will file the excess part of the nail off.

A farm dog will usually spend a lot more time outdoors and this means he can be at a higher risk of developing diseases caused by pests and worms. Keep these diseases at bay with flea and tick treatment and de-worming tablets. Bathe your dog as soon as he needs it, using the right shampoo and products for his skin type. Now you are equipped with some easy tips to keep your farm dog healthy, smelling good, and house friendly.


Keeping your farm dog healthy and clean is important. Here are some tips to maintaining your homestead dog's health and maintenance.


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