Maintenance Tips For Your Family Vacation Home

Anyone who has a taste of fine things can relate to owning a family vacation home as a final piece of the puzzle to spending relaxing holidays.

You get to break the monotonous routine and plan your family get-togethers in a perfect setting. Some people even use their vacation homes as a place for a family reunion. Not to mention, it is also a perfect family heirloom that can be passed through generations.

Likewise, there are a number of benefits of owning a family vacation home.

But the only challenging part of owning a vacation home is that people often end up putting its maintenance on the back burner. As a result, the property starts losing its charm.

Now imagine being all excited for your long-awaited holiday and welcomed by a deteriorating vacation home. Sounds heartbreaking. Right?

That’s why it is important that you pay adequate attention to the maintenance of your vacation home. But let’s be honest; it is pretty tough to keep up with the maintenance of a home you don’t live in. It could be challenging but not impossible.

Here we have some vacation home maintenance tips for you to streamline the entire process. Read carefully to learn more about them.

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Look for the Signs of Water Damage

The last thing you would want to deal with when it comes to your family vacation home is dealing with water damage. If left unchecked, it can turn into an expensive and time-consuming project.

Not to mention, untreated water damage can also destroy some of your personal items to the point where they are beyond repair. And that can be heartbreaking.

Thus, make sure you keep an eye out for potential water damage. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the risk.

  • Ensure that there is no blockage in the gutters and drains. Cleaning them during the spring and fall seasons is one of the best ways to keep them clean and functional throughout the year.
  • After you are done spending time in your vacation home, seal all the doors and windows properly.
  • Check for leaks in bathrooms, sinks, and toilets and replace them whenever necessary.
  • Go for landscape grading to make sure that the water does not get into the foundation or window wells. Landscape grading will allow the water to flow away from the house rather than towards it.
Water damage

Keep an Eye Out for Pests

Pests are a common problem every family vacation home suffers from time to time. And the house where you seldom visit has a higher chance of pest infestation. And that’s really not good news for your property.

Pests such as ants, roaches, termites, and rodents can cause severe damage to your property.

Not only do they damage the wooden area of the house, but they also mess up the property’s electrical system. Due to pest infestation, the furniture and fabric are more vulnerable to damage.

For this, make sure you keep track of the telltale signs of the infestations. For instance, ants tend to build colonies in your homes and are responsible for causing structural damage to the property.

Telltale signs such as finding a sawdust trail, holes in wooden beams, and rustling noise in the walls can ensure that your home is infested with ants.

To avoid this, you can consider scheduling regular Ant Pest control for your vacation home. The professionals will take a thorough look at your property, understand the nature of the pests and provide you with viable solutions.

Regular pest controls can prevent those nasty visitors from breaking into your family vacation home. Not to mention, it ensures that your vacation home stays bug-free when you are not there.

Termite damage on front porch post

Go for Seasonal HVAC Unit Checkups

Whether you are visiting your vacation home to spend your summer vacations or celebrate the holiday season, either way, there’s one thing you need to do.

And that’s getting your family vacation home’s HVAC unit checked seasonally.

This is because a functional and well-maintained HVAC unit not only ensures your comfortable stay but also reduces your utility bills.

But you’ll be surprised to know that despite being of such utmost importance, many homeowners end up ignoring this part of home maintenance. This can further result in high energy consumption and sky-high energy bills.

Additionally, seasonal maintenance of the HVAC unit of your vacation home can also ensure safety for your vacation home. For instance, just a crack in your furnace can be a reason for potential fire hazards.

Thus, you need to make sure that you get all the filters replaced regularly. Since you are not using it very often, you would also need to get the ducts and vents cleaned. 

In the end, it would be best to get a technician to inspect the thermostat. The electrical experts will also look for any potential issues in your HVAC systems and prevent them from being problematic.

HVAC man repairing an air conditioning unit outside

Don’t Forget About the Exteriors

The exterior of your family vacation home is also one of the most important parts you need to focus on in your maintenance plan.

It is the only thing that helps you keep up the curb appeal of your property. Hence, making it an integral part of the vacation home that needs to stay in shape.

You can start by cleaning and washing your deck thoroughly. Look for any loose boards, cracks, or other signs of decay. If the wood looks soft or spongy, then you should know that it is not safe to use anymore and demands replacement.

You should also know that small cracks in your concrete driveway can further lead to other structural problems. So, make sure you fill in the cracks with suitable materials as soon as you spot those cracks.

Regular driveway maintenance will ensure its longevity and allow you to keep your home’s exterior in good condition.

Family vacation home with pol

To Sum It All Up

Maintaining a family vacation home you don’t live in can be a daunting task. But things can get a lot easier if you follow the tips mentioned above and stick to the maintenance schedule.

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