5 Important Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Your lawn needs a little TLC and fall lawn care before the cold winter months arrive and now is the ideal time to tend to it. Get back out in your yard before the cooler weather arrives and do the last few gardening tasks of the year.

This means raking up those autumn leaves, seeding and fertilizing your lawn, and giving it the last couple of mowings before winter. With a last bit of maintenance, your lawn will look better over winter and will be ready to flourish again in the spring. Here are five tips for a healthy lawn.

fall leaves

Clear Up Debris

Give your yard a good cleanup right before you start your fall lawn care. Rake up all the fallen leaves on the lawn grass, and take time to clear them out of the gutters and off the patio as well.

Clean up any other stains and for any tougher jobs, you could hire a pressure washing service. Ensure your yard is nice and tidy for the winter. Any debris leftover could blow across the lawn, so it’s a good idea to clean up your entire yard.

Don’t Ditch Your Lawnmower

It’s not quite time to put the lawnmower away. Instead, use it in a slightly higher setting if you can, so the grass is longer in winter. This is just one of the ways to winter-proof your home and garden.

Keep your lawn at a height of roughly 2.5-3 inches. If the grass is too short, it won’t be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions during winter. Maintaining a healthy height will ensure a beautiful and yet well-maintained lawn later.

mowing the grass

Sow Grass Seed

There are plenty of reasons to sow grass seed in fall. The conditions are generally ideal and this is part of fall lawn care. The weather is wetter, the soil is warmer, but the air is cooler. There are also fewer weeds in the fall, so your grass seed has space to grow. You’ll also have more of a chance to have a well-established lawn by spring and summer when you want to get the most use out of it. 

Fertilize Your Lawn

If you’re going to plant seeds, you should fertilize your lawn to help them along. You can get a slow-release ideal fall fertilizer that will benefit your lawn in many ways. Fertilizer helps protect grassroots from freezing, gives your grass energy, and protects your lawn against disease, drought, and cold.

Consider an application of fertilizer in the late fall as part of your fall lawn care, to give your lawn the boost it needs to bounce back in the spring.

Aerate the Soil

When fertilizing your lawn you should aerate the soil so that the fertilizer can reach the roots. Spring or fall are the best times of year to aerate your lawn. By using an aerating tool for lawn aeration, you can poke holes into the ground so that the fertilizer goes all the way down. This prevents your soil from becoming clogged and covered in a layer of thatch over time. 

 Use these tips and suggestions to complete your fall lawn care this season in preparation for winter.

Final Thoughts on Fall Lawn Care

Why not make the most of the last days of warm weather? In a few simple steps, you can complete your fall lawn care for the winter months. Get that seed planted, aerate the soil, fertilize that lawn, and clean up that lawn now.

Do you have any suggestions for completing a fall lawn care program on your homestead? Please post your suggestions in the comment section below so others can benefit from your ideas. Then get out there and complete your own fall lawn care on your homestead.

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