5 Colorful and Practical Fall Decor Ideas You’ll Love

The seasons are starting to turn and fall will soon be in full swing. It’s a wonderful time of year where the colors of nature come alive. There’s a certain something in the air and cozying up around the fire with pumpkin spice lattes and a good movie is the order of the day.


If you want to make your fall as enjoyable as it can possibly be, it’s always a good idea to bring some seasonal changes into your home by sprucing up the decor a little. If that sounds like a good plan to you, here are some great fall decor ideas to get you into the spirit of the season:


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5 Colorful and Practical Fall Decor Ideas You’ll Love




Up the Coziness Ante


As the temperature starts to drop, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to bring out more blankets, quilts and the pillows, so that you can stay cozy and warm. Since it’s fall, oranges, reds, and browns are ideal. But if you have a colorful old afghan or you’ve been working on a psychedelic crocheted granny blanket, they will certainly add something too.


The key is to build up as many layers of coziness as you possibly can in all of the rooms where you do your relaxing. You may not consider blankets as part of your fall decor. But having a few throw blankets in fall colors warms the space. It makes the room feel warm and cozy.


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If you’re the crafty type, now is the time to get outside and start collecting pine cones, twigs and branches and anything else that reminds you of the season. Use a little wire and a hot glue gun to transform your finds, along with some ribbon and maybe a few gems, into a beautiful long wreath that you can drape over the mantel to remind you what season you’re in.


For more Fall decor ideas for floral arrangements check out 15 Acre Homestead’s Fall Pinterest Board. You are sure to get plenty of ideas for your fall decor.


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Decorate Your Produce


If you look at the Balsam Hill Pinterest page, you will see lots of lovely example of pumpkins and gourds that have been carved and decorated. They look quintessentially fall and they will look great on your porch or in your home throughout the season.  Particularly during Halloween, when they will light up your house and create just the right kind of atmosphere for that particular celebration. These are great fall decor ideas for the outside decor of your home.


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Let There Be Light

Dark fall nights are made so much more magical and cozy when you light a twinkling candle or two. So, be sure to invest in a few Yankee Candles. Preferably scented with things that remind you of the Fall such as cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Maybe invest in some hurricane lamps to hold them safely and create a more stylish display. If hurricane lamps aren’t your thing, brass or wrought iron candle holders are a good option too. Candles can complete the look of your fall decor and add a special ambiance to your home.


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Go for Gold


If you’re looking for a classy way to bring a fall palette into your home, you simply cannot go wrong with gold. Whether you cover your dinner table with a gold cloth, paint one or more of your walls in the rich hue or simply spray a few pinecones with gold spray paint, your home will instantly feel more seasonal, and a bit more beautiful too.


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Enjoy the fall! Have you started your fall decor yet? Tell us what you have done to bring the fall season into your home in the comments below.


Awesome Fall decor ideas to help spruce up your home this season.




  1. I like all your fall ideas. Even if I only get a fall wreath hung on the from door and some pumpkins and mums out it still looks nice. Found you on Simple Homestead Blog Hop.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Candy! I love decorating for fall! It’s my favorite season!

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