How to Find Great Essential and Extra Space on Your Homestead Quickly and Easily

The homestead you are living on might have some limited space to it, and it is important to find some essential extra space on your homestead. Where are you supposed to keep your chickens, or plant those vegetables, or even just store your tools? Do not worry! This is a problem every single homesteader has come across in their efforts. 

You can make good use of this small space you are left with, and it might be a good idea to think about downsizing a little or even just working with the space you have and rearranging a few things. To help you in managing such a task, let’s go through some key space-related homesteading ideas below to help you find extra space on your homestead.

Seperate buildings can be used for extra space on your homestead

Lookout for Wasted Space

A lot of homesteads out there are making do with a lot of wasted space, so it is time to look around and make a better plan to utilize as much of your space as possible. Depending on where you are living, and the land and/or buildings available to you, you can plan out a much better arrangement for your homestead by using any extra space on your homestead that is not being currently used efficiently. 

For example, that old, slightly dilapidated barn you are not too sure what to do with? Maybe fixing it up for the select few animals you are keeping is a better use of the space, other than storage or indecisiveness. 

Of course, if your animals do not need much in the way of shelter, tearing down an old building and making another place for crops could be a good idea. The more food you can grow yourself, the better your seasonal meals will be, and the better stocked your freezer will be, and you will have a better chance of making a profit down the farmer’s market.

Or maybe that corner of the garden would be a better place to keep your tools? It will be neat and out of the way, at the very least, and keeping a homestead organized is something a lot of people struggle with. 

Old barns can be turned into extra space.

Install a Shed

Speaking of struggling to keep your homestead organized, installing a shed on your land is a great way to find some extra space on your homestead. Sure, you may have to cut out a bit of land for the shed itself, but with the rule of many buildings being bigger on the inside (thanks to furniture, storage solutions, etc.), you will have a lot more constructive space to work with. This is a great way to create extra space on your homestead.

A shed, most of all is something you will want to invest in. You can put anything in one of these, including using it as an extra communal space for teenagers or work-related purposes, and it is a very cost-effective way to get on top of keeping your homestead decluttered. Shelves, wall mounted brackets, as well as somewhere properly secluded to arrange feeding or pot plants/cuttings, is a great way to save money on needing a greenhouse or separate food station. 

So, there are many reasons you could need a storage shed, and getting your hands on one should not be too hard either. Build one yourself, or buy a kit from your local garden center – they are the easiest ways to create extra space on your homestead too.


Make Use of Different Levels

As well as the options I have mentioned above, being able to make use of different levels on your homestead could be a great way to save time and money in trying to make extra space on your homestead. If you can stack certain items, such as raised beds or wall climbing planters, you are going to have a bit more room on the ground for other things, such as new paddocks or shelters, or even just proper walkways to get from one area of your homestead to another. 

Different levels can be achieved via landscaping, the use of garden stairs, and plenty of irrigation. A raised bed garden alone can do a lot for your homestead. Making use of plenty of planter boxes to create a defined space for your herb or vegetable garden is not only good for allowing extra space for your homestead, but it’s very aesthetically pleasing as well, which is often what we want to see when we have put all that effort into making a homestead a proper home. 

Looking for some extra space on your homestead? Here are some ideas you may never have thought of.

Final Thoughts on Finding Extra Space on Your Homestead

So, how much extra space on your homestead can be created now? Being able to modernize it, via ‘down-sizing’ is key. Modern homesteading is very different from the way we used to do things, and being able to incorporate this into your limited space, is key for maintaining your self-sustaining homestead.

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