How To Make Money On Your Extra Produce

Your homestead, or your farm, has been doing really well lately. You’ve got a lot of produce to get rid of, and you know you can make a great profit off of it… if only you knew where to sell it, how to price it, and how to market the little business you’ve got going to make sure customers come back for a bit more broccoli.

You’ve got a lot to sell, and you need to do so before it goes bad and you lose out on breaking even. So here’s a couple of different ways you might just bring yourself in some repeating customers, to make sure you can regularly shift the perishables you’ve made a business out of growing and cultivating.


How To Make Money On Your Extra Produce


Sign Up to Farmers’ Markets

Of course, we’ve already talked about how you can make money off of selling at a market, but it’s worth it to mention here as well. You see, a farmer’s market is a great way to both make a profit and to make sure you have repeating customers. After all, if you have a stall or booth of your own, you’ve got a way to ensure your presence in the mind of local customers and regular attendees.

Make sure you dress up your stall, and feature your name and number front and center, and have business cards available for anyone who buys from you. Pop them in the bag as you hand over the produce they’ve bought – it’s a good way to widen the pool of customers for regularly shifting the overflowing produce you have in your stores!


Try Selling Online

The online world is a great way to get your produce out there, and that you’ve got a regular supply of it. For anyone who’s posted an advert on job boards or in local papers about needing a new food supplier, you could be the perfect solution! So make sure you’re regularly scanning through these postings for any potential profit makers, as thousands of adverts are added on a daily basis.

Aside from that, there are also specialist websites available for certain types of produce and anyone selling them. If you need a platform for the product you get the most yield out of, try searching for online markets that focus on them too. For example, tapping hay needed into Google is going to bring you plenty of hay selling options to scan through and determine the best deals. When you’ve got more than a choice on offer, you can pick and choose the value you want, and make a lot more money because of it. It’s regular work, so it’s an easy way to shift the produce you’re turning out month by month.

 Here’s a couple of different ways you might just bring yourself in some repeating customers, to make sure you can regularly shift the perishables you’ve made a business out of growing and cultivating.

If you need to sell produce, make sure you’re establishing a presence in both your local area and online. People come from far and wide for a good farmer’s market, and it can be quite easy to ship packaged vegetables across the country – there’s a lot you can do!


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  1. With a large garden, we want to both sell direct to the customers and look into a farmers’ market. Reading over the online portion, this has helped me to broaden my scope. Great post, Annie. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Author

      Your are just as smart and handy as I am! You got this Julie!

  2. Hi Annie,

    What great tips for those of us who grow our own produce.

    I would love to be able to sell our extra produce, but for now, we are just beginners and are consuming every bit of it that makes it! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us on the Homestead Blog Hop. I am featuring this post for tomorrow on this week’s Hop!


    1. Author

      We all start at the beginning! But you seem to have a goal and that’s all that matters! Thanks for featuring me!

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