Taking Care Of Your Exteriors In Spring

As we come into the full bloom of spring, it’s a busy time on the average homestead as planting ramps up for the growing season ahead, and we repair the ravages of winter weather on our land. In this process, don’t forget about your exteriors in Spring.

Cleaning and repairing the exterior of your buildings is an important aspect of maintenance. Not only does it keep things looking nice – and welcoming if you house guests or have visitors frequently – but it also helps to take care of small matters and prevent them from escalating into larger issues requiring costly repairs.

And now that we are all at home, it’s the perfect time to get on top of little jobs like this and have a spruce up. Taking care of these matters is a way to feel good, and all this means you’ll be all ready to enjoy the warmer weather later on.

Clean Exterior Surfaces And Furniture

Through the worst of the winter weather, outdoor surfaces and furniture can get into a dirty, poor condition. Considering purchasing or hiring a pressure washer to make short work of the outside of your buildings.

Pressure washing is one way of taking care of your exteriors in Spring.

Add some detergent to the water reservoir to help loosen up any stubborn dirt. There are also specific cleaning agents you can get, such as masonry cleaner or decking cleaner that will bring out the best in those materials.

If you have a lot of surfaces to get through, follow the tips on Top-Down Exterior Cleaning to make sure your paving, decking and house walls come up gleaming. This simple investment of time can make your homestead much more appealing and keep it in great repair.

Repair Your Driveway

Driveways, patios and other paved areas also require periodic maintenance to keep their condition and make sure they look great. Start by weeding out any small plants that have begun to creep through, and spray down with a weedkiller.

Driveway repair

You can then repoint any loose panels or use concrete resurfacer to take care of cracks or holes in those surfaces. And if you have a worn-out looking asphalt driveway, you can even get latex asphalt sealer to treat them. In no time at all, your drive will be looking clean and tidy and much more welcoming.

Pay Attention To Your Roof

Our roofing often takes the worst of the storms, rain and high winds, and it’s an area where a little damage can lead to leaking and other significant problems. So take the time to do a thorough roof inspection and take note of any repairs which need doing.

Roof repairs

Check the shingles and also the flashing around plumbing vents and chimneys. Any gaps can quickly be sealed using roofing cement to make sure your buildings are waterproof again.

While you’re up there, take the time to remove any sticks, leaves and other debris from guttering to make sure that water can flow freely away from your property. You could also use a plumber’s snake to clean out any clogs in downspouts.

Final Thoughts on Your Exteriors in Spring…

From exterior cleaning to roof repairs, any maintenance you perform on your exteriors in Spring will reduce the amount of work and upkeep you may have later in the year. Have you started your maintenance yet?

Find out a few ways you can take care of your exteriors in Spring and save time in the summer and fall.

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