Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Recreate your driveway with exposed aggregate concrete and see the difference. It is both aesthetic and functional compared to other driveway layouts. Plus, it grants homeowners to be more creative in picking colors and textures and adding decorations to the mixture. 

Many houses in Melbourne can guarantee how good concrete driveways are. When you visit the city, you will witness impressive driveways made of the aggregate mixture. 

exposed aggregate concrete

How Long Does Exposed Aggregate Last?

Exposed aggregate concrete is also weather-resistant. The climate in Melbourne varies from time to time but this won’t damage the elements if well-maintained. It remains in place whether it rains or during hot weather.  

Moreover, the driveway will serve its purpose, such as accommodating lots of vehicles and foot traffic every day. The surface will still be reliable beyond 30 years if and only if it is sealed regularly to prevent wear and tear. 

One of the practices that could ruin a concrete driveway is using a high-pressure washer for cleaning. It might loosen the added pebbles and so a garden hose is a good alternative. 

Another mistake in applying an exposed aggregate concrete is when it is near the pool. The chemicals from the pool may wreck the concrete in a shorter period. 

If you want to extend the lifespan of your concrete driveway, contact a skilled installer to help you out. 

Exposed aggregate concrete driveway being cleaned

Cost of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

It is pretty obvious how investing in exposed aggregate concrete is worthwhile. The cost may vary depending on the size of the driveway you will build.

It includes the installer rate, materials needed, and additional expenses to complete the task. It could be at an average of $150 for every square meter. There are cheaper options, however, they cannot last long. 

Paying extra to hire more workers is necessary to finish the driveway faster. You will invest a lot to achieve a fine-looking driveway. 

Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Every homeowner wants a unique driveway. Some of the concrete finishes are obsolete, so why not think of out-of-the-box ideas to make driveways more aesthetic?

This section will answer the question, why choose exposed aggregate concrete in recreating your driveway. Here are the best factors to explain why:

Exposed Aggregate Has Better Appeal 

If there is one thing that could impress passersby, it is no other than the driveway. Exposed concrete will make it look more attractive even without adding some stones and pebbles. However, those elements play a vital role to enhance your driveway. 

Be creative in mixing the right materials, colors, and textures to end up with your desired driveway look. 

Exposed aggregate also increases the property’s value in case of selling it later on. Like what is being said, it is a long-term investment that you can take full advantage of. 

concrete aggregate patio

Exposed Aggregate is Eco-Friendly

The material is long-lasting so no worries about replacing the concrete frequently. This means that there will be less waste that would benefit the environment. Another good news is that most aggregate materials are from sustainable sources. 

Designers use waste glass and plastic as an alternative to aggregate material which can also deliver promising results. 

Exposed Aggregate is Long-Lasting 

The mixture of materials is a plus in creating a durable driveway. There are proper ratios of material that you should know to guarantee the best outcome. It differs from the standard concrete blend which only experts know.  

A lower mixture ratio is necessary to construct a robust driveway. It has to cater to heavy vehicles and large foot traffic, therefore, durability matters. 

Exposed Aggregate Can Prevent Accidents 

Exposed aggregate concrete has a rough texture compared to standard concrete. It is highly functional in all weather conditions. Its traction level is better than any surface design as it is non-slipping. 

Going out during winter will be less risky with an aggregate driveway.  Besides, it looks great but still requires you to be careful when the surface is icy. 

Steps made from exposed concrete aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Require Low Maintenance

An exposed aggregate layout has a special feature to refrain from flaws and smudge. It is fully coated to protect the inner elements from dust and spill buildup. This also helps to easily remove the dirt by just washing it away with a hose. 

It may demand a higher initial cost but is easy to maintain to reduce your expenses over time. All you need to do is to contact an exposed aggregate installer once every three years to seal the surface. This helps to make your driveway look good as new. 

Exposed Aggregate is Highly Versatile 

The previous sections focus on the driveway but exposed aggregate is made for more.  It can be built all around the property from the sideways to the patios and everywhere. 

Such material is easy to blend with numerous landscaping designs. It can also be installed indoors, as a countertop or concrete seating. 

Final Words 

To sum it all up, it will never be a mistake to choose exposed aggregate concrete for your driveway. It might cost higher than the standard concrete and yet results in a lot of benefits.

Conveying a more outstanding driveway is not that surprising with exposed aggregate but the low maintenance needs recognizing. It is a huge help if you are short on a budget. Lastly, it prioritizes households’ and visitors’ safety with its non-slipping surface. 

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