4 Pieces of Important Everyday Equipment for Homesteaders

If you are reading this, you probably already are a homesteader. Or maybe, you wish you were one, and are planning on how to go about achieving this dream. Well, either way, if you decide to go down this route, it will be severely different than the usual routine people are used to nowadays, especially with your everyday equipment.

Considering that most people don’t even have enough space in their yard to grow a single tomato, and the fact that you will most probably have more space to manage than they will, your home needs might be slightly different. Although the number of things you will do may be the same, the everyday equipment you use for certain things might vary.

Of course, just because you don’t live in the city, does not mean that you want to live like a caveman. We’ve all grown used to certain comforts, some of which are almost a necessity nowadays. While the lack of some of them would probably only qualify as a “first world problem”.

You might not have a taxi stopping outside your house every 2 minutes, but don’t let yourself live in the past just because you’re a bit further out. Of course, sometimes people decide to become a homesteader to leave some of these luxuries behind. To some, it would surely be a welcome addition.

everyday equipment

Everyday Equipment for Homesteaders

Much like on the other side of a mirror, a lot of things have their own equivalents in the world of homesteading. As mentioned previously, some things are intentionally left behind, but these are some of the basic necessities or everyday equipment which surely no one would refuse.



During the day, the sun will shine brightest of all, especially during the summer. It provides you with all the light you will possibly need. At night, the moon will stick around to give you some of its light and perspective on things. But, unlike the sun, the moon will eventually bore you with its somewhat limited conversation. You will realize that at night you are stuck in the dark. If you want to do something other than gaze at the moon or sleep, you might have a hard time.

Lighting, therefore, is a part of homesteaders’ everyday equipment. Conserve some of that precious sun energy and utilize it for the night time. You could invest in some solar powered lights. If you want to stray from the norm a little bit, then some heavy duty in-ground lights would probably do the trick. Want to make your garden, yard, or front porch look stylish and better than ever? If so, they are probably for you. Requiring very little to no maintenance, and looking rather stylish, there really is not much to complain about here.

everyday equipment

Appropriate footwear

If you thought you could go and be a full-fledged homesteader in some flip-flops, think again. To make life easier for yourself, and just that little bit more comfortable, getting some sturdy boots for the general everyday activities is a must. You are going to be getting dirty, wet, and just about everything else, you can think of. Don’t settle for less than you need to. Have a look at some quality options before you buy if you are not familiar. Boots may not seem like everyday equipment. But you will learn how important they are quick.

everyday equipment

A useful vehicle of choice

You can only carry so much yourself, and you won’t feel like lugging around wood everywhere all the time. Getting some sort of vehicle to help you out is a must. You should decide to go for the good old pickup truck to help make life easier for yourself, or maybe a smaller utility vehicle for that extra bit of flexibility. Do your research first.

High-quality cooking utensils

Just because you don’t live next to a five-star restaurant does not mean you can’t dine like a king. Consider picking up some actual high-quality pots and pans. Preferably some proper cast iron cookware which can be used on the stove or in the oven. It can also be used also over a fireplace if the need occurs. Learn how to season and care for your cast iron pots too.

Consider getting a pressure cooker or maybe an electric peeler if it’s something you think you would use. How about a food processor, a good blender, and a set of knives? Before you purchase your kitchen equipment, be sure to read reviews online to ensure you get the best deal. Sites like Kitchen Habit will tell you the best blender for your needs and help you avoid making a costly mistake. Just think about and purchase the everyday equipment your kitchen needs call for.

Although most people live in a city situation, homesteaders tend to live more rural. Since the number of things you will do may be the same, the everyday equipment you use for certain things might vary.

Do you have suggestions for everyday equipment that should be considered for homesteading successfully? Please share your comments in the box below.

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