What To Do When You Escape To The Countryside

We all have those moments when life gets a bit too much and we want to escape to the countryside. But what can you do if you start to think that leaving it all behind and starting afresh life in the countryside is what you should do? Here is a quick guide about what to do when you escape to the countryside.


Have a Trip to the Countryside First

Before you sell all of your processions and escape to the countryside, you should visit it first. In theory, it sounds great. But once you get there, you might feel very different about the wildlife and bugs. If you can, arrange a holiday for a week or two in the area that you would like to settle to see if it is the fit that you hope for. This will also give you a chance to meet local people, explore the area a little bit, and see what the area can offer you.

Sell your Home

If you have decided that country life is for you, you will need to sell your home to help you set up a new home. One of the biggest issues that can come with wanting to leave your old life behind is trying to sell your house quickly. If you do not want to wait, you could enlist the services of FlashHouse to ensure that you can get moving quickly. If you don’t have a house to sell, you might need to dip into your savings to get a place in the countryside.

Self Reliance

As adults, we all rely on ourselves to do things but when you live in the countryside, this goes to a new level. There are very few places that you can nip out and grab some milk in the morning if you have run out. This can take self-reliance to a whole new level. You might have to grow some of your own vegetables and own some chickens for eggs. If you know that you rely on modern conveniences a bit too much, then maybe moving to the countryside isn’t for you. 

New Job

Just because you live in the countryside doesn’t mean you won’t work. Everyone still needs a job. The problem with living in the countryside is that the employment options are pretty limited and you might have to work a job that you normally wouldn’t. There might not be any jobs at all. Many people leave the countryside to find work in larger cities. If you have a job that you can work remotely, then you will probably be ok.

Here is a quick guide about what to do when you escape to the countryside.


If you have kids and you move to the countryside, you will need to find out if there are any schools nearby. If there isn’t any, you might have to look into homeschooling them. This is very common in the countryside as some schools are miles away and it is just easier to teach the little ones from home. For the older ones, there tend to be more high schools available for their learning experience.

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