Small Farming Essentials: Equipment

If you are living on a small farm, you need more than a few hand tools to keep it running smoothly, but you should not waste money on equipment you might never use. The best way is to buy things of a good quality as they will last you years, and consider renting anything you will only use occasionally.



Small Farming Essentials: Equipment



Good Storage


Before you buy anything you need to make sure you have the storage buildings you need for them to be kept out of the extremes of weather. It will not do tools and equipment any good to be left without a cover during heavy rain, snow or even a blazing sun at the height of summer. You need a storage building(s) that is strong and durable so whether you are storing equipment or some hay, you know it will be safe.





Everyone one associates tractors with farms, and they are usually large pieces of equipment that are very expensive. On a small farm though, a compact tractor could be the answer. They are very versatile and can be used for a number of different jobs, depending on what attachments you have with them.





These four-wheeled carts that you can buy for as little as $100 are so much easier to use than wheelbarrows. They are capable of moving heavy loads in just the same way but without the hassle of trying to balance it on one wheel. They are good over rough terrain and can be used in all areas of the farm. No small farm should be without them.




Compact Manure Spreader


If you have livestock over time manure will start to accumulate.  The compact ones are ideal for small farms and let you spread the manure to fertilize the soil. You can buy them with tractor-driven units, which are probably the best if you have a large number of animals that are kept in a barn. It’ll make everything so much easier and safer for all involved.



Electric Tools


Go into any hardware or home store and you will find a whole array of electric tools. Most of them would not be used very often on a small farm, but the two that would be is a circular saw and an electric drill. There are so many things you can build yourself if you have these, such as compost bins, or a new door for the barn. These are two tools that are worth buying the best quality you can afford. Then if you look after and maintain them properly, they will last you for many years.


Hand Tools


When you mention hand tools people tend to think of things like screwdrivers and hammers. Although those are things you will need, you should also invest in some other small tools.


These include:

  • locking pliers
  • claw hammer
  • ratchet
  • adjustable wrenches
  • 100-foot measuring tape
  • screwdrivers both flat and star



These are just some of the tools and equipment that will help you on a small farm. There are many other things you can do, such as swapping your car for a pickup truck that will make running your small farm much easier.


Now you have a good list of the equipment you will need to run your small farm or homestead. Do you have these tools on hand?

Certain equipment is necessary for a small farm to run efficiently.


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