Epic List of the Greatest Homesteading Resources

Homesteading resources are available everywhere. You can find videos, blog posts, infographics, worksheets, planners, e-books, and courses just to name a few. But sorting through all the information can be overwhelming! How do you know what is actually going to help you and what you should save for later?


Here is an epic list of the best homesteading resources I have used and therefore, can recommend, for new homesteaders. I hope this extensive list helps you on your journey to a homestead life.


Please remember that all of the links mentioned here were working links to valuable information at the time of publication of this post, however, I cannot possibly keep up with the ever-changing amount of homesteading information out there. If you find that a link does not work or changes for some reason, please feel free to leave me a comment so that I can update this list.


Epic List of the Greatest Homesteading Resources


Homesteading Resources: Websites


These homesteading resources are the best of the best for new homesteaders to find information on getting started with homesteading or teach the most important practical skills that new homesteaders should learn. These are in no particular order.



An epic list of the greatest homesteading resources for new homesteaders looking to learn new skills. Websites, YouTube Channels, E-books, courses and more.

Homestead Resources: YouTube Channels

All of these YouTube channels offer many hours of homesteading skills, advice and more. Some are off-grid homesteads and some are more self-reliant based. There is something here for every new homesteader.




Homesteading Resources: Ebooks

These are all listings of ebooks written by homesteaders. Some are free and some are for purchase but each one offers some great information.




Homesteading Resources: Courses

All of these courses are great resources to learn homesteading skills. Some are at physical locations and some are virtual learning experiences.




Homesteading Resources: Events

All of the events listed below have a 2018 schedule of events on their websites. Check each one to see if they are near you. For more local events you can search Google for “your state” homesteading events.



Homesteading Resources: Misc. Resources


 An epic list of the best homesteading resources for those new to the idea of starting a homestead but feels overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Find reliable and helpful information to help your homesteading journey get off to a successful and stress-free start.


So there you have it. A huge list of homesteading resources to help you get started on your homesteading journey. Of course, I am sure there are much more out there, just search on Google for homesteading resources and you are sure to find more than what is listed here.


However, I personally have been to every one of these sites listed above and frequent many of them regularly. If you have some homesteading resources that are not listed here, please add them to the comment box below so all my readers may benefit from them.


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