How To Enhance Curb Appeal In 3 Steps

When you look at the front of your house, what do you think it says about you and your home? Is it entwined with personality, style, and beauty, or is it lacking structure, greenery, color, and maintenance?

The front of your house is something for all to see, your neighbors, your dinner party guests, family, friends, but most important of all, you. If you’re feeling as though your house fascia and garden doesn’t live up to its full potential, follow the tips below to enhance curb appeal in the right direction.

enhance curb appeal

How To Enhance Curb Appeal In 3 Steps

Cut Back And Tidy

To instantly enhance curb appeal, simply tidy and clean the front yard. Clear away toys, tools, and empty pots into the shed. Then use your handy and quiet cordless blower to get rid of the leaves from the guttering, driveway, and lawn. After this, begin weeding away dead flowers and weeds. Then mow the lawn and trim the hedges.

If the house fascia is looking a little dull, use a power washer like this one to give your house front a much-needed clean. Also, extend your pressure washing to the porch, pathing, and driveway to get rid of years of dirt and debris. Sometimes a cutback and clean is all you need to enhance curb appeal. However, if you wish to hire someone to do the job for you, you could consider hiring a firm like this hampton pressure washing company. They will be able to work to an excellent quality level and leave you with the most professional and aesthetically pleasing exterior of your house.

Front Door Overhaul

Coupled with the step above you could consider either upgrading or painting your existing front door to instantly enhance curb appeal. Further, for the DIYers amongst you, you may opt to change the hardware and upgrade the window pane of the door to represent a different effect also, such as stained glass.

When you are searching for a color to paint your door, take a look at your neighbor’s houses for inspiration. This will give you an idea of what color fits with your style house and will remain in keeping with the look set on your street. To enhance curb appeal and your front door further, consider installing a porch light like this one, either side of the doorway to amp up your entrance appeal and highlight your doorway at night time.

Garden Design

Following trimming and pruning the greenery in your front garden, you may wish to enhance curb appeal even further. You can do this searching for a range of shrubs, plants or even a tree that will fit the look of your garden. This will provide more interest and beauty to your curb appeal. Aim to keep your garden design simple, by choosing to group specific shrubs and plants together. For instance, you may wish to line the paths with lavender and include a few rocks covered solar lights to highlight the pathway. Alternatively, red pansies would offset well in a window box like this one against the backdrop white fascia of your house.

Also, remember when you are selecting plants to opt for a mix that will withstand the different seasons to provide you with a mesmerizing garden all year round. Otherwise, if you plant perennials that only bloom for a few weeks of the year, the rest of the year the garden may lack color.

By tending to and paying attention to the tidiness of your garden, overhauling the front door and designing a garden that blooms throughout the year, you can enhance curb appeal to the fullest in 3 easy steps. Have you considered increasing your curb appeal yet? Let me know in the comments!

Learn 3 easy steps to enhance curb appeal on your homestead. Curb appeal is what makes or breaks a home, especially if your considering selling!

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