4 Important Facts About Engineered Timber Flooring: What You Should Know

Engineered timber flooring involves attaching a thin layer of expensive wood to twelve thicker pieces of cheap wood comprising three to twelve layers. The planks are placed on top of each other in various directions. They are glued and, then squeezed against each other.

Arguably, this type of flooring is gaining more popularity with time. Engineered timber flooring has become very popular nowadays for flooring lancaster. Understanding the advantages may help you choose this flooring for your home.

engineered timber flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring: What You Should Know

Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring

  • Heat and moisture resistant: Engineered timber flooring is less sensitive to both heat and moisture. Hence, it does not expand or contract or warp up due to fluctuations in temperature or moisture. This makes it suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Cost friendly: It is less costly than solid timber flooring in terms of installation and labor costs. This makes engineered timber flooring more cost-effective. The resale value of engineered timber flooring is usually the same as solid timber flooring. Thus, the return on such flooring is higher.
  • Durable and trendy: Since many layers of wood are used to make such flooring, it is extremely durable and can be used in areas of heavy footfall. This kind of flooring comes in varieties of looks, finishes, and colors. Hence, it does not go out of trend very easily.
  • Convenient: The flooring can be done professionally as well as by a layman. This makes it a very convenient process. It is hassle-free and can be installed over concrete and radiant heat as well. Engineered timber flooring can be sanded and re-sanded to remove stains and make it look attractive. This also makes sure that such flooring stays fresh for a long time.
engineered timber flooring

Tips to install engineered timber flooring the right way:

The floor should be measured correctly before the planks are ordered. Any existing baseboard should be removed from the subfloor. Any obstruction on the subfloor should be removed and bump must be leveled out.

Tar paper can be rolled out over the subfloor so as to act as a moisture barrier. In case of glue down installation of engineered timber flooring, spacers must be laid along the walls in order to create the expansion gap.

If you do not wish to do the job yourself, consider a timber plank flooring canberra company to do the job for you to assure professionalism.

Types of installation systems for engineered timber flooring:

  • Tongue-and-groove: On one side of the plank, there is a groove and the other end has a protruding wooden knob called tongue. Both the tongue and groove are fit together and are not visible from outside. Glue is used to fit the planks.
  • Woodloc systems: This system of installation also involves a tongue and groove, but the planks have to be curved to be fitted. Unlike the tongue and groove system, glue is not necessary here.
  • Floor connection system: All four sides of the plank have grooves. An unconnected piece, made of rubber or plastic, is used to join the two plans having grooves.
  • Glue down method: Spacers are used to create an expansion gap. Glue is smeared on the croquet floor and the topmost plank is hammered with a rubber hammer.
  • Floating installation: In such type of installation, the flooring is done without the use of glue. The planks are locked against each other, but they are not attached to the floor. In this way, the flooring is left hanging over the subfloor.
engineered timber flooring

Why engineered timber flooring is gaining more popularity?

Since, it can withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations, and can also handle continuous footfall, engineered timber flooring becomes suitable for constructions in a large number of areas.
Moreover, it puts to use a lesser amount of expensive timber and more amount of the cheaper one but covers the same distance. This helps in reducing wastage and makes this process extremely efficient.

Before choosing engineered timber flooring you should understand the benefits and advantages as well as how the product is made.

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