4 Awesome Benefits Of Having an Engineered Timber Floor

Wondering whether to choose an engineered timber floor or solid wooden floor? When choosing the floorboard at your home or office, the decision must be right. Pushy salesmen always insist upon you to buy expensive flooring. Timber floor is the floor made of hardwood. The flooring material is a favorite among office owners and homeowners. It is beautiful, durable and long lasting. Timber flooring is affordable and so many people now want to change their floors and switch to the timber floor. Timber is the material used widely for flooring. This kind of floor looks great and boosts the artistic appearance of the space or house. It also creates a woody and warm feel.

Engineered Timber Floor




4 Awesome Benefits Of Having an Engineered Timber Floor




All timber floors are not created out of tough wood. There are tough wooden floors available on the market. They are pretty expensive but the life of such wooden floors is long. An engineered timber floor or wood flooring is layered floor made from the slice of thin hardwood placed on high-quality plywood. The thickness of the wood can be between 3/8 inch to even a ½ inch.

Timber is a popular material for flooring due to a variety of reasons. It is easy to maintain and keep it neat with simple dusting or cleaning sessions. All timber floors do not constitute tough wood. Timber material can absorb wetness and thus the strong timber wood is not appropriate for the homes. Flooring is created from sheets of timber. There are various benefits to choosing an engineered timber floor.



The Kind of Floor Is Beautiful And Appealing


An engineered timber floor is beautiful and when time passes, it gets more and more appealing. When compared to the carpeted floor, timber floor is easy to clean and maintain. There is no need to vacuum it every day. You can sweep the floor and mop it occasionally. The floor surface is so smooth that pet hair or dust particles won’t stay. There is also no need to worry about the spills and stains on the surface.


Engineered Timber floor


Timber Flooring Becomes More Beautiful


On aging, an engineered timber floor becomes beautiful. This is the benefit you enjoy with wooden floor. They become more and more beautiful with the passage of time. Even if there is gauge or scratch on the floor surface, it only enhances the beauty. Floor polishing may get rid of any damage on the floor whereas also restores the beauty of the floor.



The Type Of Floor Is Beautiful And Attractive


If you want to impart richness to your place, use timber flooring. An engineered timber floor may be availed in a variety of finishes, colors, and styles. You may opt for the style which suits your interior and your home décor. No matter what type of engineered timber floor you choose, it will certainly enhance the beauty of your place.


engineered timber floor


The Feature Of An Engineered Timber Floor

When compared to other options in flooring, engineered timber floor is constituted of strips of wood that are pressed and glued together. The option is more affordable than hardwood timber flooring. Owing to the veneer finish, the look and feel of this kind of floor are great. You may also re-sand wooden floors any number of times you want. It will be better to choose a reclaimed engineered timber floor. Reclaimed timber is mainly recycled wood collected from old buildings and bridges.



So, if you have decided to install an engineered timber floor, go for the best quality materials. There are various choices available in timber flooring. Here the sheets of plywood are joined and placed upon the strong timber sub-floor.

When choosing the floorboard at your home or office, the decision must be right.



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