What You Should Know About Using An Electric Fence

Are you looking for superior livestock control? Among all the fencing methods, an electric fence is the most suitable method to control the cattle and domestic animals. Whether you are farm owner, barn owner, livestock owner, the first thing you got to consider is the security of cattle. To contain the animals, try and install electrical fencing. By glancing over the name ‘electric fence’, you may feel that it is dangerous for the animals, but it is not. On touching the fence, the cattle will be a bit uncomfortable, but it won’t harm them. This sort of fence is safe if handled in a responsible manner. This type of fencing is simply a deterrent and nothing more. The electric fence can deliver a strong shock, but animal owners can undercharge the fences.  If you are still confused about the impact the electric fence can have on the animals, it is better to talk to the fencing expert.


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What You Should Know About Using An Electric Fence



Tips To Using Electric Fence


When using the electric fence, make sure you follow the tips stated below:


  • Place a warning sign to let everyone else know about the electric fence to avoid any unpleasing situation.
  • If you want to modify the fence a bit, do not do it on your own. Allow the manufacturer to do that. The professional will visit your place and carry out the modification. If you do the modification on your own, it can become unsafe.
  • Make sure the electric fence does not use barbed wire for that can trap the animals.
  • An electrical contractor should be called to do the installation work. Do not carry out the installation on your own if you are not sure.
  • Write the instruction on how to disconnect the electricity since there can be an emergency.
  • When wiring the electric fence, make sure the right material is used. Don’t use thick tape if the conditions are stormy. This can lead to the collapse of entire fencing.
  • It is important to keep the voltage lower and also check it regularly
  • Try not to keep any pond or plant near the fence that may attract wildlife.


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The Reasons For Choosing Electric Fence


  • It will not cause injuries to animals.
  • The installation is also easy, and the maintenance is not expensive. It may cost you some money in the beginning but the electric fence will benefit you in the long run.
  • To keep the outsiders outside and the cattle inside the boundary, you may consider the installation of the electric fence.
  • Your cattle and animals will stay safeguarded from the predators if you install an electric fence.
  • Nuisance animals and wildlife cannot get inside the area.
  • Your kids can play within the boundaries of the fencing.
  • You may not know that before touching the fence, an alarm will sound. So, in a way, the animal can even avoid touching it.
  • It is an eco-friendly way to protect your cattle from various dangers.


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The main idea behind installing an electric fence is to offer a one-time mild shock to the animal touching the fence or trying to escape. The animal will learn the lesson and not touch the fence. So, your purpose of controlling or confining the animals is served. Frequently you should monitor the voltage of the current. Look for an electrical contractor who is authorized and experienced for the installation work. Take references before you hire any contractor.  To avoid short circuits, do maintain the fencing. Check the insulator on a frequent basis.


Among all the fencing methods, an electric fence is the most suitable method to control the cattle and domestic animals. Here's everything you should know.



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