Fantastic Edible Food Forest: 11 Ways To Establish It Easily

Have you considered starting an edible food forest on your property? With epidemics, food shortages and all the uproar taking place in our current world, feeding our family doesn’t need to be another thing we worry about.

If you are already planting a few vegetables or herbs, or have a few fruit trees in your yard already, then you have a good start. But why settle for just a small garden with a few trees?

By creating an edible food forest on your property this year, you can feed your family the fruit, vegetables, herbs, berries and nuts they enjoy all from your own yard! And the best part is that once you have established your food forest, maintaining it is simple.

By planting the right types of foods in the best locations for your climate and conditions, you will soon be able to enjoy a plentiful harvest year after year. You see, in an edible food forest, most of the plants are perennial. So they return each year to continually provide nutritious food.

A food forest infographic

The Benefits of Creating An Edible Food Forest

Now it does take some work on your part. From knowing the best location, having the right soil, knowing how to amend the soil correctly, then choosing the right plants, it is a time consuming project. But the benefits in the years to come make all the hard work worth the effort.

An edible food forest can be created on the rural farm, in a residential neighborhood, or anywhere you live and have a bit of room for some trees and plants. The food forest is customizable to your unique size, shape, and situation.

It can take up a few acres of land or just a few hundred feet. It can be created small-scale or large-scale. The plants can be adapted to fit anyones situation and even budget.

Can you imagine walking outside your door and being able to harvest tons of food for your family. Imagine the savings on your grocery bill as well. Even saving on gas since you won’t have to make as many trips to the grocery store. That’s an edible food forest.

Are you ready to get started?

Just click the link below. Start learning how you can start a food forest on your property today. Receive a FREE Garden Resources Mini E-Book too!


  1. These are all wonderful websites that I have not seen before. we are all like minded country folk with gardening and self sufficiency as our goals. Thanks for posting this as I added many to my FB groups i belong to now.

    Marlene Wild

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! We are always happy to help new readers!

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