How Can Your Homestead Become Eco-Friendly?

The world has finally woken up to the devastating impact of climate change. On a homestead, where you are more connected to nature than most, this can be a key issue. Although you’re already doing your part by caring for the environment, growing vegetables at home and perhaps raising animals, there is more that you could be doing to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home.

If you’re planning on selling your home and moving, then you can work with a real estate company to find a new home that is eco-friendly. But if you’re already in place, there are also plenty of things you can do to make your current home more eco-friendly. 

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How Can Your Homestead Become Eco-Friendly

Use these simple and easy tips to make your homestead more eco-friendly!

Think About Water Consumption 

Being truly eco-friendly means taking a holistic approach. Your water consumption is a big part of that. Especially in a homestead where you may have crops and animals to keep watered. Get a rainwater collector so that you can recycle any rainfall and use it to water the plants.

If you have any leaks around the place, now is the time to get them fixed up so you aren’t wasting water every time you run the tap. Simple steps like switching off the water rather than keeping it running while you brush your teeth and recycling the water from your washing to water fruit trees can really help.

You can also install a low flow showerhead and a device to use less water when you flush the toilet – every little bit helps. These moves can save up to 160,000 liters of water for a family of four. 

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Change Your Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs have come a long way over the past few years. So if you only have memories of the dull yellow light they used to provide, be prepared to be surprised by the current crop of bright LED bulbs. These type of lights use significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. And they also last far longer. This means less manufacture with all the associated environmental pressure and less cost for you. There is an eco-friendly approach! It really is a win-win! 

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Think About Solar Panels 

A homestead generally provides the ideal space to experiment with solar panels, especially if you have a barn or other outbuildings with a lot of empty roof space. Not only do they provide completely clean power for your home, but they can also generate enough power for you to sell back to the grid.

This minimizes your spending on power bills. There is often financial assistance from the authorities to help with the purchasing and installation of solar panels too. They are an upfront cost and an investment, but they also give you the change to fundamentally change your energy consumption and become more eco-friendly too.

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Change To Natural Cleaning Products

One of the simplest changes to make is switching to eco-friendly cleaning products. You don’t even need to pay out for brands. You can easily make your own cleaning solutions with natural things such as lemon juice, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and similar ingredients. Missing that just cleaned smell? Adding a few drops of essential oil to your cleaning cloths or into a diluted reusable spray bottle gives you a tailored aromatherapy blend that smells amazing and will help to banish any odors. 

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Are you on the journey towards being more eco-friendly on your homestead? Tell me what you are doing in the comments below!



  1. Thanks for these tips!

    We are working on doing some of these. Saving rainwater, using vinegar to clean with, and thinking about solar (maybe dreaming) are a few that we are currently involved in. They are also more economical!

    Thanks for your ideas! And for coming to the Homestead Blog Hop!

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