Here’s How To Invest In Eco-Friendly Wine

We’re all looking at ways to make our lives more sustainable. But it can be hard to know where to start, especially with our favorite vices. It’s hard to make adjustments to some of the things we truly enjoy in life, like wine, or chocolate. This article is going to help you look at ways to invest in eco-friendly wine.

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Buy A Vineyard

You can buy a vineyard. Really, what better way is there to invest in sustainable wine than to buy your very own vineyard? If you purchase land, you’re the one that can make choices about how the grapes are grown and the wine is produced.

Consider investing in a vineyard either for your own winery or to give some other eco-friendly enthusiasts the chance to rent the land from you. Private wine tour Queenstown promises a delightful journey through vineyards.


Check The Label

If investment is only going to extend to purchasing wine in your local shops, you can still go the extra mile to make sure the wine is sustainable. Check the label to look for organic (grapes grown free from pesticides and fertilizers), biodynamic (grown in line with biodiversity and anti soil degradation processes) or natural wine (no additives at all).

If you’re not sure, check the website for more advice on how the grapes are grown and produced. Some companies that grow eco-friendly wine have a ‘sustainable’ label as proof the grapes are grown in an environmentally friendly way.

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Invest In Eco-Friendly Wineries

There are many wineries that have eco-friendly initiatives, or go the extra mile to grow sustainably. If you’re looking to invest in wine, why not look to buy stock in these businesses? 

You can help protect the sustainability of the product you enjoy by investing in companies that make it possible. You may also wish to get involved in some of their events to learn more about their processes.


Curate A Wine Portfolio

Investing in physical wine is a process that goes back through the centuries. In fact, there are many investment portfolios that allow you to invest in vintage wine bottles and stock.

Sites like Vinovest allow you to grow a wine portfolio and even request bottles to be shipped to you directly. Consider that you have a virtual wine cellar managed by an independent firm. Ask them about environmentally produced wine to develop a portfolio in line with your ethics.

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Eco-friendly wine is an exciting new investment opportunity. You might want to buy a vineyard yourself, and start your own sustainable practices. Alternatively, you might wish to invest in wineries or physical wine stock that supports eco-friendly wine production.

Finally, you might simply wish to purchase eco-friendly wines. No matter your intentions, the tips in this article can set you on the path to sustainable wine.

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