5 Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly when Moving

If you are an eco-conscious person integrating eco-friendly lifestyle into every part of your life, moving should be no exception. It might seem a bit overwhelming to think about eco-friendliness when you are trying to organize such a large endeavor. But with a bit of planning, you can achieve your end goal with little to no negative effect on the environment. So here to help you are five easy ways you can be eco-friendly when moving.

eco-friendly when moving

5 Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly when Moving

Recycle and reuse

When we decide to pack up and move there is always a large amount stuff we realized we don’t need and things that can be classified as trash and debris. Not just putting it all in one large dumpster might be tempting but it is certainly not the most eco-friendly sort of action for the environment. So, what can you do?

Well, first of all, start sorting right away. As you go from one room to the next you can start making different piles for recycling. For example, make a donation box for clothes, a collection of paper that can be recycled and the same for glass. That way, when you are done you will have all your clutter sorted out.

Now, when we talk about reuse, it is mostly regarding boxes. Try to use reusable packing boxes so that you don’t use too many resources. Of course, it is always smart to avoid non-recyclable trash bags or any other types of plastic bags that you will only end up throwing out later on.

In addition, make sure you dispose of packing aids like bubble wrap and styrofoam in the appropriate way. They can end up being quite harmful to the environment. This is another great way of being eco-friendly, also. Be sure to consider renting a moving van to make the move easier also.

eco-friendly when moving

Limit the number of trips

Going to and from one location to the next, transporting your items can severely increase your air pollution. INcreasing air pollution is not an eco-friendly practice. So why not be conscious about it. It is always a better option to get a bigger vehicle and diminish the number of trips you’ll need to take. For example, you can rely on reputable Budget truck hire to get you the ideal truck size that will ensure you can move in just a few trips. That way you will be saving time and protecting the environment all in one go.

eco-friendly when moving

Don’t waste water

This is another pitfall of moving that can affect the environment. After you have moved all the items out it is time to clean the empty home. You can practice being eco-friendly when moving here.

For some reason, the realization that you will not be living there any more tends to motivate us to actually overuse water and not think about expenditures when we do the cleaning. This is not harmful to the environment and completely unnecessary. You can do a full house clean up with temperate use of water. You can also consider using eco-friendly cleaning supplies for extra care of the environment.

Find your old furniture a new home

This is a great way to be eco-friendly when moving and generous at the same tie. Simply throwing away all the pieces of furniture that you don’t need is definitely not the best answer. There are many families and organizations who can benefit from your old furniture if it is still in good shape. So take your time and do the research as to where you can take it and who needs it the most. That way your items will find a new home and you will have done something great for others and for the environment. A win-win situation.

Don’t forget about a garage sale

If you are considering what to do with the smaller items that you can’t donate or recycle, but you don’t actually want to see in your new home, holding a garage sale is an excellent idea. You can earn some money and limit the number of items you will throw away. This is both eco-friendly when moving and budget-friendly. It also lessens the number of items you will have to pack up and move. This can speed up the moving process. If you don’t get rid of those items now, they will just take up space in your new home. So why waste time and money taking them there. There is no reason for it.

eco-friendly when moving

There you have it, five easy to apply ways you can be more environmentally conscious when moving and at the same time end up saving some time and money in the process.

You can be eco-friendly when moving by following these tips.

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