6 Important Eco-Friendly Tips to Create Greener Home Exterior

Whether you are entertaining friends or family, resting in the summer sun, or working on the exterior landscaping, one tool you may not consider having would be eco-friendly tips in your toolbox.

Surprisingly enough, your home exterior is an excellent place to start. It is also the ideal place to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle with sustainable design ideas and green decor. Here are some eco-friendly tips for greening your home exterior.

eco-friendly tips

Eco-Friendly Tips

Use Green Materials for Renovating and Remodeling

If you are looking to include a wooden deck, consider using reclaimed or recycled wood for the outdoor deck project. Several lumber yards can provide a good selection of recycled and reclaimed timber for your home exterior projects.

Wrought iron, railroad ties, and even concrete are becoming excellent materials to use for outdoor projects. These materials will enhance your home exterior project or garden and give it a natural look.

Save Energy by Installing Innovative Technologies

Your home exterior should have eco-friendly technology and systems. Place motion detectors near the exterior lighting to save electricity. It enables the light to come on only when it senses the movement of a person or animal. The detectors function best on floodlights at the rear of a home.

Connect your outdoor lighting and home security system to smart technology. You can control many electronics in your home through Internet access.

smart home technology

Install Reclaimed Water Solutions

While it is good to have gorgeous greenery around the home, the expensive water bill associated with maintaining your lawn can be discouraging. You can install reclaimed water solutions while designing your home exterior.

A good solution is to make a drainage system to collect rain runoffs from the roof and transport them down for your landscaping and lawn care. Consider getting a sustainability specialist or landscape architect in your locality to develop green solutions that can be applied to your home exterior.

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Use Eco-Friendly Materials for Children’s Play Areas

Design your kids’ outdoor play areas with the same eco-friendly ingenuity as the other parts of your home exterior. In recent times, playgrounds and schools are known to use rubber mulch and recycled rubber tires as ground cover—you can consider the same for your kid’s playground.

Traditional wood mulch is not as soft underfoot as rubber, and recycled tires are more durable and come in different color varieties, which appeals to kids’ imaginations!

Create Organic Soil for Landscaping

Several homeowners spend a lot at their local home improvement store or nursery every season purchasing soil, mulch, and other kinds of ground cover for their landscaping.

Instead of buying all the soil and ground cover, you can create a composting pile using food remnants and scraps in a small area of your backyard. It helps increase the soil nutrients and enhance your plants to grow more beautifully and bountifully in return.

Using this method will not only help your plants to thrive but will eliminate some of the food and other waste from your homestead. Remember, homesteading is all about little or no waste practices.

compost barrel

Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

While greening your home exterior, remember your leisure areas—garden and patio furniture. You can get used patio furniture and repaint it to give it a revamped look. Your home exterior should be a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy while considering the earth’s resources. Make sure to use eco-friendly materials like bamboo and hemp.

 Implementing these eco-friendly tips will help you and your family relax in a natural environment while keeping our planet healthy and safe.

Final Thoughts on Using These Eco-Friendly Tips

The preceding eco-friendly tips are suggestions for the things you can do to incorporate eco-friendly decoration into your home. Implementing these eco-friendly tips will help you and your family relax in a natural environment while keeping our planet healthy and safe. 

Do you have some eco-friendly tips you can share for others? Please share them in the comment box below.

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