10 Cheap and Easy Garden Projects for Your Homestead

If you have a love for your garden, there will come times when you want to make more out of the space you have outdoors and have some fun with it. Creating new features for your garden and playing around with plants can be incredibly fun and it gives you a great project to do over the weekends. If you are looking to add a few new things to your garden space this year, here are some of the fun and easy garden projects you can do.

10 Cheap and Easy Garden Projects for Your Homestead

Make a barbecue

One of the features which many people love to have in the garden is a large barbecue. You could easily go to the shops and buy a barbecue grill for your outdoor space. However, it can be even more fun to make one for yourself. Using bricks and metal racks you should be able to build a huge grill for your garden. You can even include a work surface where you can lay out the food once it has been cooked. Have some fun with the shape and size and go as grand as you like! Creating your own barbeque is one of many easy garden projects.

easy garden projects

A timber path

You can spruce up the garden and create a path so that everyone can access all parts of the garden easily. You can think about making a path for it. Rather than worrying about laying lots of paving stones or gravel, why not lay down some heavy timbers instead? It will give your garden a much more luxurious feel and it will be easy to keep clean with a pressure washer throughout the year. Make sure to varnish the area to keep it watertight.

easy garden projects

Rope tree swing

Do you have a pretty large garden and you also have a young family? One of the easy garden projects to do this weekend would be to create a rope tree swing in the back garden. Make sure you choose a very heavy-duty rope and simply tie it around a branch of your tree as well as on a tire or a piece of wood. You and the kids can have endless fun on this during the summer. It can become a well-loved feature of the garden.

easy garden projects

Create a bird bath

If you have some old water features in your garden or a small bowl that you no longer use, don’t just throw them away. These can be upcycled and turned into a wonderful birdbath for any passing birds in your garden. It will be amazing for them to have throughout the year. It will provide a place to drink, cool down, and clean off which is incredibly crucial for the health of the birds in your local area. Plus, you’ll be able to watch them playing around and it can be really fun to see. Creating a birdbath is one of those easy garden projects that even the kids can help with too.

easy garden projects

Make planters

Another of the cheap and easy garden projects is to make a planter. Planters can be pretty much made out of anything at all. If you have an old cup and saucer you can turn this into a planter. You can make a wellington boot into one, and even an old watering can. If you have old vessels lying around the house or in the garden, think about sprucing them up with a lick of paint. Then you can use them in the garden to house bedding plants or small arrangements. It can be a great way to keep life going on in your outdoor space while not wasting any of your items.

easy garden projects

Use bathroom vessels

If you are thinking about redoing your bathroom soon, don’t be too quick to get rid of the sink and the bathtub. A bathtub can be planted into the ground. It can make a brilliant base for a pond. A sink can make a wonderful planting trough for fruits or herbs. It can be a great way to reuse some old items and make them into something really special for your garden. These are yet 2 more ease garden projects you can utilize on your homestead.

easy garden projects

Parasol stand

If you have some large plant pots lying around in your garden, you can drill a large hole into the bottom of one and flip it upside down to use as a stand for a parasol. With the hot weather recently burning people’s skin, it is always nice to have the option for some shade in the garden and this can be the perfect way to provide it.

Lampshade lanterns

Do you have an old light fitting or a lampshade which you aren’t sure what to do with? One of the great things you can do is to use them as lanterns for the outside of the house. If you have a seating area in your garden or a sheltered corner, a lampshade with a candle underneath can make for a very pretty feature in the evenings. This is another one of the recycled but easy garden projects you can do quickly.

easy garden projects

Think of the seasons

If you have a seating area or some sort of pergola in your garden, you can really have some great fun playing around with color and texture to create a comfortable space. You can add chairs, cushions, artwork, candles, fairy lights and fresh flowers to give the space some personality. To make things more fun you can also think about the different times of the year and change your theme to suit it. You can go for magic at Christmas, fresh and pastel in spring, bright and bold in summer, and red and orange in the autumn. Have some fun and you will notice a big change in the personality of your garden. These easy garden projects are ever-changing too.

easy garden projects

Create pallet seats

One way to save a ton of money on outdoor features can be to think about using old wooden pallets to make seating. You can create a pallet chair for the garden using some cushioning and waterproof fabric. It can be a really fun project for you and your family to do this weekend. Everyone can have a chair of their own and you can all choose a color or pattern of material to use for it.

easy garden projects

Now you are equipped with 10 cheap and easy garden projects for your homestead. Have you done any of these projects? Are there any other projects you can share with us? Let us know in the comment box below.

Here are some great cheap and easy garden projects you can do this weekend on your homestead.


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