How the West Coast Can Prepare for Earthquakes

Earthquakes do come out of nowhere. However, seismologists have equipment and knowledge so advanced that they can sometimes determine if the time is right for the Earth’s plates to start shifting. Residents of the West Coast are constantly preparing for “The Big One,” but smaller quakes are more likely. Here is how the West Coast can prepare for a quake.

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Construct Your Home or Farm to Be Quake-Resistant

Anton Kalafati is a construction company owner in Southern California. He says that buildings like homes and offices can be made of earthquake-resistant materials. These materials can absorb the shock of earthquakes leaving the building with little to no damage whatsoever. 

Kalafati’s most impressive principle is the pendulum. If a pendulum is placed in a building, it will absorb the earthquake and start swinging, leaving the building resistant to the vibrations and movements of the ground shaking. He has several other theories, and you can read more about what Anton Kalafati has to say. 

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Have a Plan

When an earthquake comes out of nowhere, know what to do. If you have a family or a lot of loved ones in your area, make sure you are all on the same page. Once the ground stops moving, what do you do next? When everyone has the list then everyone will know how to proceed.

For most,  their list looks like this:

  • Call everyone on the phone chain and make sure everyone is okay.
  • Have a place where you can all meet so that you can stay together.
  • Find out who is in charge of taking care of children and the elderly.
  • Have an emergency kit prepared with non-perishable foods and plenty of drinking water.
  • Have a place you will go to in the event your home is not inhabitable anymore. This can also be a place where the family can meet to stay safe. 

Every family is different and your list may look different. But have a list and a plan so that no one panics.

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Keep Important Papers Digital

You may need a lot of important papers after a quake especially if someone is hurt or injured. You may need to speak to FEMA or another emergency management agency, and your papers may be stuck in your home.

Have digital files on your phone or in the cloud. This way you can produce these papers no matter where you are. Having all of this paperwork on hand will make it easier for you to process claims and get assistance fast if you need it. It won’t take that long to upload these files. And you will be doing yourself and your family a huge service. 

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No one wants a natural disaster to happen. But if you have a few plans in place, you will not feel so lost if something happens. As climate changes, the West Coast is facing a new time of crisis with natural disasters. Stay prepared and keep everyone safe.

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