Winter Safety Tips for Your Homestead Driving

Although a warmer-than-usual winter is being forecast by the Climate Prediction Center, many parts of the USA will still experience significant amounts of rain and snowfall during the coming season.

A lot of work goes into preparing a homestead for winter every year, ensuring that the lands, animals, and people are all protected from the elements.

As the roads become more treacherous to navigate thanks to snow, ice, and rain, it is more important than ever before to take the utmost of care when driving your car, truck or tractor around the homestead.


Winter Safety Tips for Your Homestead Driving

Vehicle and driving tips for winter

Always practice basic safe driving and employ some added common sense when driving in inclement weather conditions.  Make sure all your vehicles are parked in safe locations, preferably undercover, where it won’t be damaged by falling branches, hail or snow.

It is imperative that you carry good car insurance for the possible scenarios that bad weather could cause while driving. And that insurance does not have to be expensive to have good coverage. You can find cheap car insurance with excellent coverage amounts.

Even the safest drivers do encounter the odd mishap from time to time. This is why it is pertinent to make sure your insurance coverage is up to date.

If visibility is especially poor or the weather forecast warns of extreme wind, snow, hail or rain it is best to remain indoors, postponing driving to when it is safer.


Slow down when driving in snow

Regardless of the vehicle, you are in, driving in snow can be extremely testing. Some of the hardest situations will arise when attempting to stop and start on hills.

It will be tempting to apply your brakes when going down a hill. However, it can cause you to lose traction. Instead, slow down as much as possible before reaching the downhill. Then coast down as safely as possible.

Bridges and exit ramps are particularly dangerous during winter. This is true as the surface literally freezes due to being surrounded by the sub-zero air.

While you are able to get special ‘winter’ tires for most types of vehicles, you can just equip your regular ones with tire chains to improve your traction on the roads.


Black ice can cause grave danger

Icy conditions can be even more dangerous than snow. Especially if one has to contend with ‘black ice’. Black ice commonly occurs on roads that are situated near lakes, rivers, and streams.

The moisture in the air, together with that on the road, freezes quickly. This leaves behind an almost invisible and potentially-deadly layer of ice. When driving on icy roads, try to accelerate and decelerate as slowly as possible.

This will prevent your vehicle from losing traction on the road.  Where possible, anticipate turns, curves, and lane changes in advance to prevent you from having to make any sudden movements.

While it is of pertinent importance to practice safe, responsible driving at all times, it is even more vital during the winter months.

While it is of pertinent importance to practice safe, responsible driving at all times, it is even more vital during the winter months. Especially when inclement weather occurs more frequently.

By following the guideline above you will be able to navigate the roads of your homestead and surround safely and with ease.

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