Dream Home, Real Home, Your Home

The whole thing about dreams is, well, they tend to be out of reach. It’s why they are called dreams and not realities. It gives us something unattainable to strive toward, always frustratingly out of reach. Sure, every so often, you see a house on Instagram or Pinterest where someone has been lucky enough to build their ‘dream home’ but it’s sort of like when you read about someone winning the lotto – it won’t happen to you. In fact, your best shot at a dream home is making some improvements. That’s it. Then it becomes your real home.


Or is it?


You see, the whole owning-your-dream-home comes with so many misconceptions. But just like most things, all it really takes is a few bits of knowledge, a couple of scraps of understanding and a go-getter attitude. So, with all that in mind, let’s go and build your dream home, okay. Then it can become your real home.



Dream Home, Real Home, Your Home



It Starts With A Plot


This is one of the things that makes it seem so unattainable. It is thinking you won’t be able to get your hands on a great plot. But hundreds of thousands of people manage it each year and they do it be either using a service like Plotsearch or the power of people talking. That’s all.


You can’t build your dream home, much less your real home without a plot of ground. So find your property first.


real home



Finance Is A Funny Thing


Once upon a time, funding a self-build was a tricky thing. We know that. But nowadays there are dedicated self-build mortgages that you can apply for through brokers. The way they work is by releasing funds on a stage payment basis, meaning you’ll have an injection of cash at the key points of your project.


Having the funding available to build your own home is a great way to turn your dream home into a real home.


dream home real home your home



Realism Is The Way


Despite what you have seen on TV shows where grand designs get brought to life, most self-build projects aren’t disasters that go 40% over budget. No. Most self-builds are a success and that’s because people have a budget and they stick to that budget. What’s more, they also know the importance of including a 10% contingency.


Knowing you have a cushion in the bank and a realistic budget is a great way to start turning your dream home into a real home.



Pick The Perfect Partnership


Despite popular belief, a self-build is not where you literally design and build a home yourself. What you do, or should do, is choose a package supplier like https://parkerbuilt.com that will literally design and build your home for you. That is why it is so important you choose someone that understands your needs, your wants and, most importantly, your budget. Basically, you need to procure properly.


Have a plan in mind that addresses both your needs and wants. This can save a tremendous amount of time in the long run.



Get Planners On Side


The earlier you can get in contact with the planners the earlier you will be able to see whether your dream is actually viable. Who your planners are and what they deem to be viable will change, but things like size, style, and materials used may all come into the fray, which is why it is better to get these people on your side earlier.



Get Ready For The Groundwork


This is one of those areas that newbies don’t consider properly. But before you can get to the actual building of your home, you need to get to through the whole plot preparation thing first. That means sorting the groundworks. It’s things like clearing vegetation, working out the drainage and knowing how easy it will be to get the main utilities hooked up to your plot.


Check into these things when buying your plot. Finding out later that you are not allowed to do something can wreak havoc on a builder and yourself.


It is possible to make your dream home become your real home.



Take your time, plan, and budget for your dream home. Make sure you do your homework before you purchase the plot.  And when all is said and done you can sit back.  You can enjoy not your dream home, but your real home.


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