Turning That Outdoor Space Into A Dream Garden

For most people, the garden is one of the most important parts of the home. Clearly enough, if you have a garden that you can be happy with and fully enjoy, then you will be more likely to enjoy the home on the whole. So it is actually quite important to make sure that you are truly happy with your garden. If you are currently not all that happy with it, that might be an indicator that it is time to do something about it. The good news here is that that is not all that hard to do. No matter how much work there might appear to be, you know that you can always turn your garden into a dream garden in no time.


In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things to consider if you are keen to vastly and drastically improve your garden space. Pay attention to the following points and you should end up with a dream garden that you can be truly proud of and happy to spend time in.

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Turning That Outdoor Space Into A Dream Garden




Envision The Space


Probably the most common reason that people basically fail to do anything truly amazing with their garden area is that they never allow themselves to really picture the space properly. It is necessary to fully visualize what you want from your garden so that you actually know what you need to do to improve it.


The first thing you should consider doing is to sit down and close your eyes and think to yourself what would you like for your dream garden. It doesn’t have to be a complete idea at this point. It might be that you want to go back to it later and change it. That’s okay. Just think of a general idea.


You will probably find that you already have some kind of an idea about what you would like, and you just had to access your own internal picture of it. Once you have it fairly clear in your mind’s eye, you might also find it useful to sketch it out quickly on paper. It doesn’t have to be a good drawing. It’s just a way of starting to understand what you want and what it might look like. At least then you have something to work from, rather than just going into it head first.


By envisioning the space, you will make it much more likely that you are actually going to get it done and be happy with the results. Be sure to consider this first and foremost if you want to make the most of your garden space.

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Plot It Out


Once you know generally what you are going to do, now it is time to plot it out in a way which starts to bring your ideas and visions together in a clear way. By plotting it out on paper you will suddenly feel that it is coming to life. That alone is exciting enough to warrant doing it. Of course, you might not feel that you have the artistic skill for this, but actually, it’s just a matter of detailing where things are going to go and what the overall shape is going to be.


As long as you get that right, you should be able to get a strong idea of what your dream garden is going to look like. That will mean that you can start planning out the renovation as well. Don’t be afraid to plot it in as much detail as possible. That will mean that you are much more likely to get it right when it comes to actually lay it down and building it up.



Use A Focal Point


No matter what else you might be trying to achieve in your garden something that you will almost certainly find useful is to have some kind of a focal point in it. This could be just about anything you want. Perhaps you want to go all out and have a full pool. Maybe you are hoping to have a statue of some kind or even a statement tree in the middle of the dream garden. Whatever it is, having some kind of clear focal point tends to have a way of really completing the dream garden in a way that you might find difficult to do without it.


Of course, you don’t have to do this. Most gardens will have some kind of a focal point. In general, it will be for the benefit of the space on the whole. At least consider this when you are plotting out your dream garden, as it could be enough to really make a huge difference to how your garden ends up and how successful it is at the end.

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Consider A Patio


Patios are extremely common these days, and there might be a number of good reasons for that. For a start, they are a useful way to be able to introduce a sitting area in your garden without having to sit on the grass. They are also pretty simple to install and easy to build, and if you use professionals like Arizona Hardscapes you might even find that it is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your dream garden.


Having some kind of a patio area, whether large or small, is always going to be a good consideration, so make sure that you are happy to consider it when you are planning out your new garden designs. You could even choose to pave over much of the garden and turn it into a more modern, urbanized garden style with plant pots rather than the traditional lawn. In any case, it’s worth considering. Many gardens have already been greatly improved by the addition of a patio.

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Go For Variety


If there is anything that tends to blow people away in gardens, it is when there is a lot of variety. In particular when there is variety in the plants that are chosen for that space. Start thinking about what plants and flowers you want in your dream garden. It could be argued that achieving a sense of variety is altogether more important than just having a few interesting different kinds. Be aware, however, that having good variety does not necessarily mean that you do not have a focus.


Actually having a focus for the garden is still always going to be highly recommended. But you should at least attempt to focus down on a niche, while still having plenty of variety throughout the garden as a whole. That alone will make it a much more impressive space to be in. You will find that it is much better to have it done that way. If you are unsure how to achieve a good sense of variety in this way, you might want to think about opening up your imagination. Let it go wild instead of thinking too logically about it.

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Think About Colors


Something that is always going to be important in the design of any garden is coloring. As long as you spend some time focusing on what colors you might want in the garden, you will b much more likely to turn that space into something you can be truly proud of. The truth is that choosing colors is nothing scientific – you just want to make sure that you are going for ones that you enjoy looking at, and which you feel go well together.


This is where the art of gardening comes in, rather than the science which we have looked at a little already. By being at least happy with the colors that you have chosen for your garden, you will feel glad of it as you would with a work of art. This is indeed exactly what it is. Conversely, if you ignore coloring altogether, then you might end up in a much worse position. You’ll be much less likely to be happy with your garden at the end of it. It’s definitely worth spending some time drawing out what kind of colors you would like in your garden, and how you might expect them to work together or pleasantly clash.

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Take It Slow


If you are really hoping to bring about a number of big changes to your garden, then you should bear in mind that it might well take you a long time to do. However, if you get stressed about that then it is unlikely that you will be able to make the most of the situation. Instead, it’s a good idea to remember that you can always take it slow if you want to.


That might mean that you have to carry out the renovation in two or three or even more sittings. That’s fine, so long as you don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to succeed straight away. Take it slow and take your time. It will be less stressful and you will probably end up with a better result at the end of it. You will finally achieve the dream garden you always wanted.


What have you done on your homestead to create your dream garden? Tell me in the comments below.


You can turn any outdoor space into a dream garden with these simple tips and tricks.

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