Do You Have a Door Lock Emergency at Home in Cardiff?

Doors serve as the entry and exit points to any home. They provide us control over the gateway, acting as a barrier to protect the home’s safety, security, and privacy. However, even the sturdiest door in the world would be virtually useless if it did not come with a reliable door lock.

Unfortunately, that door lock itself can become a cause for emergency. There are several possible scenarios that may lead to such emergencies. While potential emergency scenarios themselves can happen almost anywhere, we will be focussing on Cardiff in this post. This is because of the city’s growing crime rate.

Door lock with broken key

Emergency 1: Burglary/Attempted Burglary

If your home was recently broken into, changing all the locks as soon as possible should be considered a priority. Treat it as an emergency even if the locking mechanism seems to be working fine. Chances are the burglars already have a duplicate key. Or they know how to unlock that particular door lock using lockpicks. You need to find an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff as soon as possible. But do not trust just any random Cardiff locksmith.

When it comes to emergency locksmiths, Cardiff has no shortage of them. However, here’s where it can get a little tricky. Not all locksmiths in Cardiff are police-verified, so don’t trust a locksmith Cardiff police department has not yet checked. The easiest and safest solution would be to contact a professional like Curley Locks locksmiths. They are all police-verified and provide 24-hour Cardiff locksmith services for emergencies and general calls throughout the year.

Burglar trying to pry open front door lock

Emergency 2: Lost Key

It’s already past the freezing point in Cardiff and it’s going to get much colder in the coming weeks. If you find yourself stranded outside your home at night because you or someone else lost the key, it’s an emergency in winter. Depending on the neighborhood, it may not be too safe to linger outside for a long time either. 

If you have a spare key hidden somewhere, then it should take care of the problem. If that’s not an option, check if you can enter via the back door. In case that is not an option either, don’t panic. Do not attempt to break down the door or a window. It will only further add to your expenses while compromising the safety and insulation of your home. Instead, find an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff and let them handle it.

Locksmith trying to open a lock

Emergency 3: Jammed Lock(s)

The low temperatures in Cardiff can be quite detrimental to door locks. Locksmiths get so many emergency calls during the coldest months. The contracting wood of a door displaces the lock’s position, thus jamming and ultimately damaging the locking mechanism.

Sometimes, the entire lock may need to be changed. However, a few quick adjustments should solve the issue in most cases. Jammed locks are a far more serious emergency than lost keys. This is because you are still facing the same problems. However, now you don’t even have the option to use a spare key. 

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