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Best Dollar Store Homesteading Supplies from The Dollar Tree

In this post, I am going to share the best Dollar Store homesteading supplies you can purchase to save a bunch of money on your homestead from the Dollar Tree. From inside the home to the outside, you might be pleasantly, (and affordably) surprised at just how many items can be purchased for every area of your homestead.

Please keep in mind that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same exact items, so these items may not all be available in all Dollar Tree stores. You can also order supplies online. Links for the main websites for the Dollar Tree stores are at the end of this post. Most if not all of the following links are to the bulk ordering side of Dollar Tree as most supplies are better off ordered in more than one quantity when it comes to homesteading.

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Dollar Store Homesteading Supplies for Inside the Home

All of the supplies in the following Dollar Tree homesteading supplies are items that can be of great help within your home. I have separated them by room to make these lists easier for you. Most of these items are simple gadgets and gizmos to make your daily tasks easier or to store something in.

Supplies for the Bedroom:

Supplies for the Kitchen/Pantry:

 Start saving a lot of money by stocking up on these Dollar Store homesteading supplies today!

Supplies for the Bathroom:

Supplies for The Kids Rooms:

Supplies for the Office:

Supplies for the Laundry Room:

Start saving a lot of money by stocking up on these Dollar Store homesteading supplies today!

Dollar Store Homesteading Supplies for Outside the Home

These Dollar Store homesteading supplies are for various areas outside of your home. Although type, color and actual products may vary from store to store and state to state I am certain you are to find at least similar items at your local stores.


Supplies for Pets and Animals:

Supplies for Your Car:

  • Micro Fiber Cloths
  • Oil and Fluid Funnels
  • Wire Brushes
  • Car Sponges
  • Car Cleaners and Polishes

Supplies for Tool and Equipment Buildings:

  • Scrapers
  • Paint Brushes/Painting Supplies
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Sand Paper and Sanding Sponges
  • Knee Pads

Supplies for Lawn and Garden:

  • Planting Pots/Hangers
  • Seeds
  • Hand-held Garden Tools
  • Rope/Twine/Jute/Wire
  • Plant Markers
  • Plastic Buckets
tools and supplies

Miscellaneous Dollar Store Homesteading Supplies:

These are just miscellaneous Dollar Store homesteading supplies you might want to purchase for a later date or just find handy and helpful.

 Start saving a lot of money by stocking up on these Dollar Store homesteading supplies today!

Final Thoughts…

Can’t get to a Dollar Store? Can’t find what you are looking for? The Dollar Store can be found online HERE. Other stores to try are Family Dollar and Dollar General. Please note that only the Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores are $1 Items only.

Did this post help you save some money knowing that this many supplies can be purchased for your homestead? Were you surprised at the number of dollar store homesteading supplies you could find for your homestead?

Do you have any suggestions for other items or other stores you can find inexpensive supplies for your homestead at? Share them in the comments below.


  1. I enjoyed your list and agreed with all of it! I love the 2 gallon storage bags for storing linens. I can go into our local (Maine) Dollar Tree with a 2 item list and come out having spent $40–and other than the craft stuff, it is all “necessary!”

    1. Author

      I spend more in the dollar store than I need to also! However, if you “justify” them enough it all becomes ok!

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