Doing Home Upgrades: 3 Important Ways to Stay Safe

Construction is a dangerous profession. It requires moving heavy objects, working from heights, using sharp tools, and using power tools. For this reason, it is important that homeowners take security and safety seriously when doing home upgrades.

Homeowners need to look at safety and security from a different angle considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Something as simple as having construction products shipped to your home will need to be handled delicately to protect you and your family from the effects of coronavirus. You may weigh the pros and cons of opening a delivered package of construction supplies within your home. When the crew arrives to do the work in your home, you may need to partition your home, allowing a safe distance between you and the work crew.

Social distancing and attempting to slow the spread of COVID-19 does not mean that all home repairs stop. If your sink breaks, if your toilet will not flush, or if your roof gets damaged, you will need to have these items fixed. The following are three safety tips that can help you navigate repairs and doing home upgrades during the pandemic and during non-pandemic times.

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1. Determine If Doing Home Upgrades Is Necessary

There are emergency repairs like scaffolders Cambridge that cannot wait until the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. There are other repairs and home upgrades that you may put off for a few months.

For example, you may have been halfway through a kitchen remodel when the stay at home orders went out. If your kitchen is functional, then you might be able to wait for a while. But what if your kitchen is completely torn apart? You need to weigh the pros and cons of finishing the renovation.

Considering the coronavirus pandemic, homeowners face two dilemmas when determining if a project is necessary. The first is the concern for the health and well-being of their family. It is reported that COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplet transmission. You must determine if you want individuals in your home who could transmit the virus. On the other side of the coin, you want to protect workers entering your home as someone in your home may be asymptomatic.

Each circumstance is different. Families will need to weigh the pros and cons when determining if a repair is necessary.

Worker with a mask for safety

2. Use the Proper Equipment for the Job

No matter if you are doing the repairs yourself or if you are having contractors doing home upgrades for you, everyone should be required to use the proper equipment for the job. Personal protection equipment should always be worn when doing a renovation. This would include using a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and a safety vest that has reflective stripping.

One of the biggest causes of construction place accidents is falling. You can decrease the chances of falling by using fall protection equipment for anyone working above six feet. For example, a shoring jack can be used with shoring and forming.

Shoring is used to support scaffolding during construction to make sure it does not fall over, collapse, or create a hazard. You want the expert scaffolders Cambridge, ladders, braces, post shores, and shoring frames you use to be of the highest quality and to be in good repair.  Using the right equipment can mean the difference between a job being done safely and someone getting injured while doing a home repair or doing home upgrades.

Men using scaffolding outside of the home while doing home upgrades

3. Know Your Limits

If you are doing home upgrades on your own, know your limits. It is not a question of whether you have the skill to do a task. It is a realization that everyone has their limits. You might see a professional renovation team on television tear apart a home and put it back together in a few days. This does not mean that this is what an average homeowner should do.

If you have construction skills, you may be able to tackle larger projects. However, if you are trying to figure out how to do a complicated task by watching videos on YouTube, it may be better for you to consider hiring a professional.

Some homeowners try doing home upgrades on their own thinking they will save money. However, since they don’t have the tools or the experience, they end up spending more money and putting their health and safety at risk.

Final Thoughts on Home Upgrades

Doing home upgrades can make your house more functional and add to the beauty of the home. Make your home upgrade something that you will enjoy by taking steps to stay safe during the project.

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