5 Proven Dog Kennel Cleaning Tips for Beginners

Kennel cough, parvo, fleas, and distemper are all things that can run rampant in multi-dog environments. Dog kennel cleaning is an excellent preventative method to avoid these illnesses and trouble. 

Your pup’s health is important to you and learning how to clean their dog kennel is important to keep them safe. In this article, we cover five kennel cleaning tips anyone can implement into their pet care routines. 

Dogs in a kennel

1. Regular Kennel Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s kennel on a regular schedule is key to keep germs at bay. The longer the time between cleanings, the more time germs have to grow. 

Illnesses that are common amongst dogs can take weeks to show symptoms, which allows them to spread more easily. Weekly kennel cleaning is ideal for keeping a healthy environment and prevent the spread of harmful germs and common illnesses. 

2. Empty Everything From the Dog Kennel

When cleaning a dog kennel, emptying everything from inside should be the first step. This includes toys, pet bowls, and bedding.

Removing every item from the space allows you to sanitize each item one at a time before returning it to the space. This ensures that every surface is clean and free from germs.

3. Disinfect Each Item

Once you remove everything from the dog kennel, you should first wash the inside of the kennel of grime and then disinfect everything your dog uses. Disinfecting everything prevents the spread of harmful bacteria or viruses. 

Use a safe disinfectant for cleaning dog kennels in the space and on any food dishes or toys. 

Dog kennel cleaning is important for your dog’s health and comfort while protecting them from the spread of illness.

4. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Using the right kennel cleaning surprise is important to keep your dogs safe. Cleaning a dog kennel with bleach, for example, might sound like a good idea to combat germs, but is actually toxic unless it’s diluted.

Avoid ammonia-based products and read the instructions on the label of your dog kennel cleaner to make sure you dilute it as suggested.

If you’re looking for the best cleaner for dog kennels, these cleaning supplies avoid using harsh chemicals and have several options for your cleaning needs. 

5. Don’t Forget About the Bedding

Bedding in your pet’s kennel needs regular washing. Fabric pet bedding, foam, or blankets become dirty and are a breeding ground for germs. Like the kennel, bedding should be cleaned once a week or every other week at the least.

Cots are an easier option to keep clean and should be disinfected with the other items on a weekly basis. Any natural bedding, like straw or wood shavings, should be replaced on a regular schedule. 

Lab in a clean kennel

Make Time for Proper Cleaning

Dog kennel cleaning is important for your dog’s health and comfort while protecting them from the spread of illness. Schedule cleanings around once a week and abide by the tips in this article for an efficient clean every time. Your dog will thank you! 

For more tips on giving you and your pets a happy and healthy home, check out some of our other articles here on our site. 

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