Adult Dog Food: Can I Give It To My Puppy?

Most dog parents would be skeptical about feeding adult dog food to their young pups. And probably there’s a pretty good reason for them to worry – adult dog food is meant for adult dogs, as the label mentions it.

However, there can be instances when you may not find the right puppy food in your local store. And probably, you may find yourself in a tight spot – tumbling whether to feed your pup adult dog food or not.

Well, first things first, there’s nothing inherently wrong in feeding adult dog food to your puppy if given in moderation. Yes, you read that right.

In fact, to your surprise, adult dog feed can sometimes be more beneficial for your pup.

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Adult Dog Food

General Diet Considerations For Dogs

It is noteworthy that dogs have different nutritional requirements at various stages of their life. Essentially, it means that adult dogs might not need the same nutrients or at least not in the same amount as a young pup would.

Ideally, young puppies need more calories and a balanced diet that can help them grow into healthy dogs. Both development and reproduction are crucial aspects that should be considered during puppy years.

In contrast, dogs generally need lower calories (unless you have a highly active breed).

Apart from the nutritional needs, your puppy’s jaw strength and oral health also matter while selecting the food. Typically, puppies are fed with soft to chew treats such as jerky for dogs or shredded meat.

And as they grow up, they may be given harder foods and treats to chow on, such as bony treats. Try Nutra food for your dog. You could try Ultimate Pet Nutrition food for your adult dog, and you may even be able to find an excellent Nutra Complete discount to use on a purchase.

By now, you should have your answer to the first question – whether or not you can feed adult dog food to your puppy. Now, coming to a following common question that could be lurking in your mind:

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Which Dog Foods Are Safe For Puppies?

Having understood the general difference between dog food and puppy food, it should be easier for you to choose the treats and food for your puppy. Nonetheless, here is a list to help you get started.

Soft Bakes

Anything soft and baked is generally easy to chow for your pup. You may give them soft-baked meat strips or beef shreds but make sure that you mix them well in the gravy. The gravy should make the meat pieces softer and easy to swallow.


You can even give dried and frozen treats to your pup. Frozen steak pieces and tender muscle shreds after drying can offer a ton of flavors and nutrients for your young puppy. And not to mention, they are also easy to store.

Fruits And Green Veggies

You would have heard that anything that humans can eat, dogs can too. Well, thank goodness, you can treat your pup with fresh fruits and leafy veggies too. Fruits and veggies can fulfill the fiber needs of your pup and help maintain a healthy bowel.

 Are you wondering whether a puppy can have adult dog food? This post will clear up some of the questions.

Final Thoughts on Adult Dog Food

To sum it up, your pup can eat most of the food that an adult dog can chew on. All you need to ensure is that the treat is soft in texture. But, make sure not to overfeed your pup. Too many treats can also harm their health and growth.

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