How to Set up a DIY Workshop at Your Homestead

Whether you need to make something out of wood, fix the fences or broken cabinet, build a chicken coop or a dog house, you need to have space where you can work on that. What’s best, setting up your own DIY workshop at your homestead is the way you can make and fix things even during the rainy days. Here’s how to do it.


DIY workshop

How to Set up a DIY Workshop at Your Homestead


Prepare the space

A DIY workshop is usually set up in old sheds. The very first step for you to take is to clean it thoroughly. If your shed is made of concrete and doesn’t have any windows, make sure that the walls are painted in soft colors. The next step is to choose the appropriate lighting options. You can always add windows to the shed and use daily light. But nevertheless, you will need additional artificial lighting during the evening.    




If you are a passionate DIY worker and always love to make things out of wood, then you will need the right equipment for that. If you are building a new closet for the hallway at your homestead, then you know exactly how important it is that all measurements are accurate. That job can become a piece of cake if you are using an automatic saw with a measuring stop. That will help you finish your job in no time. All the pieces will fit perfectly and you will have plenty of time left to paint the closet. Allowing room for the equipment you need is an important aspect to consider when setting up your DIY workshop.


DIY workshop



There are always some pieces of wood that you can’t part with after finishing some project. Instead of leaving them scattered around the workshop, you can make some shelves out of them. If the remained pieces of wood are bigger, then you can put them together and make a box. Put little casters at the bottom of it and you just got yourself a cart where you can store all the wood, tools and materials you have at your DIY workshop. Not to mention that you can easily move it all around the homestead to pick up the necessary materials!



Make your own workbench

Why would you spend money on buying a workbench when you can make one yourself? This is a perfect project for your DIY workshop. You probably have all the materials and tools you need at your homestead. Maybe you just don’t know exactly how you should use them to make a workbench. Follow step-by-step instructions of the workbench plan and the results will delight you!


DIY Workshop


Use the walls

Shelves aren’t the only things that can go up on the walls in your DIY workshop. You can also put a few handmade cabinets on the walls and keep your toolbox, pliers, nails and all those small tools inside them. One more option is to put a big wooden pegboard on the wall and hang some tools on it. That way, you will avoid stumbling over a million things lying on the floor and it will be much easier to find them when you need them.




A DIY workshop isn’t complete without electricity. You will need it to use various machines while you are working. You may need to plug in the heaters so you wouldn’t freeze during the cold days. The best solution for that is to ask the electrician to install power outlets. But, keep in mind that they should be close to your workbench. That way you can use the machines you need without bringing in those annoying extension cords.



The back room

You just painted brand new shelves and need to put them down to dry while you are starting to work on something else. The dust and particles from the workbench could end up on freshly painted wood. If they stay there, they will ruin all your hard work. That’s why you should make a little back room where you can keep your finished projects safe. Use the wooden boards you have to create sliding doors. These will separate the back room from the rest of your workshop.


Once you set up a DIY workshop, you will be able to use all those materials you thought you wouldn’t need to create so many things for your homestead.


Once you set up a DIY workshop, you will be able to use all those materials you thought you wouldn’t need to create so many things for your homestead. Need a bookshelf for your growing home – library? Get inside your workshop and make a home for all those amazing stories. Don’t be surprised when your friends start to ask you where you bought that breathtakingly beautiful bookshelf.


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